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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Want to Know More About Where I'm From?

Ok, so most people are pretty private about where they live or where they are from.  Well, not me and there's an easy answer as to why...  I'm from two really great places.  I was born in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and when I was three, my parents decided to move to Opelika, Alabama so they could both go to graduate school at Auburn University.  Why Opelika and not Auburn?  Simple, we cheer for the Crimson Tide, Auburn's biggest rivalry, in case you didn't know.  When I was 15, we moved back to Muscle Shoals, where I've lived ever since.

There's a movie coming out about the city I live in and I wanted to share it with my readers.  There's a funny story that happened at the FAME Studio that is in this clip... When my mom was in high school, someoe told her Elvis was there recording, so she did the most logical thing... She got her Dad's pickup truck and backed it up to the building and climbed on the roof.  All she wanted was a peek at him, but he wasn't there and she was too scared to get down... Yep, she had to beat on the door until someone inside would let her in, so she could get off the roof.  She has always loved Elvis.


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