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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Week in Pictures via iPhone

A few months back, a lot of my pictures were lost due to my husband reformatting my computer.  He did it to be helpful and nice, but he had no idea the amount of pictures I had on my computer, so a lot weren't copied over to my portable hard drive.  Luckily, since my husband is a computer know it all, he got most of them back, put to prevent it in the future, I will be backing up to my blog once a week.  I do post a lot of pictures on my personal Facebook, but not all of the ones I take get posted, so they will be posted here. 
my son loves to line things up and that's just what he did when he opened a wipes container.

playing with his LeapPad 2 that Santa brought him
this is on my husband's side, apparently he had a fight with my rings in the middle of the night and he lost
another spot
he loves his LeapPad so much, he had it on "songs" and it sang him to sleep
in her bed playing on her new tablet from Santa

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