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Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Saw Santa and My Daughter's Take on Walmart Santa

We finally got to see Walmart Santa.  It's something I do every year.  I know most people go to see the mall Santa, but let's face it, my kids don't know that Santa and I'm not paying $12 per picture.  Walmart does free pictures and my kids know the Santas there since my husband works there.  Before this year it has always been a good friend that is dating my husband's cousin.  So, my daughter always said she knew  he would tell Santa what she wanted.
My Babies with Wal-Mart Santa
Lyssa with Santa
"What would you like for Christmas?"
"A Kindle Fire HD."
"Ok, What else?"
"That's it."
so proud of my big boy, not scared at all :)
As we were walking away, this is the conversation that followed;
"Mom, I think I know him, who was that?"
"I KNEW I knew him!" all dramatically.  "I just didn't know he was THAT cool."
"What do you mean?"
"You know to talk to Santa, I mean he KNOWS him."
"Yeah, he has to give him the list."
"Wait so how does Santa get it?"
"He comes at the end of the day."
"Yeah, he's not awesome enough to fly to Santa."
"You have to be really cool to talk to Santa, but you have to be AWESOME to fly to Santa.  He's just cool because Santa still has to come to him."
"Oh, that's how it works?"
"Yep, I'm only one awesome level away from flying," so matter of factly.
"Hmmm, so when do you start working for Santa?"

And she said nothing in response.  I then told her how blessed I am to be her mom and how much I truly love hearing her stories and reasoning in life.  I hope she never changes her imagination and outlook on this world.  She's so precious and innocent.  I am truly blessed!

1 comment :

  1. Too cute! We normally go to Bass Pro because they are also free. I normally go with a group, but the group isn't going. Not sure I want to go alone, and sit in that line. I don't even know if my kid believes in Santa. LOL


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