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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11. Wait. What? 11!

How old is my daughter? 11 as of 7:34 am November 20th. Wow, 11, where has the time gone???

I'm so blessed to have been chosen to be her mom.  I know people say things like that all the time, but I really feel that way.  She's a bright light in my life and has been for eleven years now.  She's so amazing to me and in fact she baffles me.  She joins more things than I can count and wants to join even more.  She just finished up her seventh year, yes SEVENTH year as a cheerleader and is about to begin her sixth year as a basketball player.  After that she will begin her sixth year as a softball player, but I'm trying not to think that far ahead.  She is also a member of H.O.P., it's a club called Helping Other People.  They do good things for the community.  She was also elected to the Student Council this yer and shortly afterward was made an Ambassador to the Student Council.  Outgoing doesn't even begin to describe this beautiful daughter of mine.

Ok, so some may call it a parenting fail or whatever, but we just don't do birthdays in my family, we never have and I don't know if we ever will.  We do a cake and a few presents with the family and it's how I like it.

This is the cake and cupcakes she chose to have made at Sam's

From a military family, she LOVES camouflage and I found 3 different outfits at Justice, her favorite store.

3 more Justice tank tops, since she's into the "layered" look

She got Dance Central and Just Dance

The she realized the thrid one is Let's Cheer, a cheer leading game for the Kinet.
My parents also gave her a Kanga and Roo kangaroo set and a $50 Gift Card to Justice.  She scored!  I think she had a great birthday without the party.  She was surrounded by those she loves and who love her.  My dad and mom got to enjoy another one of her birthdays and that warms my heart.  That is my dad sitting beside her in the pictures and yes, that is his hospital bed they are sitting on.  At least he gets to be at home in a hospital bed instead of in the hospital.


  1. your dad looks like santa claus! :) I love your daughter's expressions in the pictures. happy birthday!

  2. Happy 11th Birthday to your daughter! I love her facial expressions...priceless! She looks so happy and her cake and cupcakes precious! Love it!

  3. I never did the whole party thing with my kids either. I used to ask if they wanted a birthday party or a family party and they always chose the family party. By the way, your daughter and I share a birthday, 11/20 (I'm not sure of the exact time) I turned 41. I am officially part of the over 40 crowd. Whatever! It looks like she enjoyed her day.
    Jae Mac, I'm Just Sayin'...(Damn!)

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ= CHRONIA POLLA! (in Greek) I really like your daughter's expressions as she opens her presents!

  5. It seems time really does fly doesn't it. Your daughter's expressions are priceless! The store Justice is a dangerous place to take tweens and pre-tweens lol.


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