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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Voted, Did You?

Election, election, who's going to win the election?  Well, I was raised that you "can't complain unless you vote."  Therefor, I vote each and every time.  This year, we took our daughter.  Luckily, my mom was able to come over and watch our son.  He wasn't going to be kept out of the poling place or anything, but I wanted to teach my daughter, not just let her go.  She had some idea of voting since they held a mock election at her school in 2008 and again only a few days ago.  But I wanted her to actually experience it.

I waited patiently for my husband to get off work so we could go with him asking if I was sure we voted at the same place.  Of course we do, we haven't moved.  We get to the small church that was very crowded last election to see only a few cars there.  We walk up to a short line and here them telling the gentleman in front of us that they changed where he voted.  Hmmm... He says he didn't receive anything and is told where to report to...  Next up my husband, and guess what?  His name isn't listed... They put him in the computer and we find out we have been changed too, without a notice in the mail.  Of course this makes my husband right and me wrong incorrect :).  However, we didn't have a City Hall four years ago and now we do.  I know I know, a city without a City Hall, totally thought that too when I moved here.

We reported to City Hall and stood in line and got our ballots.  We moved away from everyone so I could whisper to our daughter and show her the ballot and do some explaining.  I'm so glad I did because the confusion on her face when she saw it wasn't just Obama and Romney we priceless.  I went over the Independent Party and then Write-Ins.  We went line by line and then over the 11 Amendments.  I also explained to her that it's important for her to develop her own views, opinions  and beliefs and it's equally important to be informed and educated about where the candidates stand with her beliefs.  No candidate will stand 100% in agreement with what she believes and that's just life.
I grew up in a slip home of Republican/Democrat and they just never discussed politics, it was an understanding and they are still happily married.  Therefor, I have ALWAYS formed my own opinion.  My husband and I agree on where we stand.  However, on football, I'm all Alabama and he's all Auburn.  It makes life interesting. After we finished bubbling in our choices, we fed our ballot to the electronic machine and got our "I Voted" sticker.  Lyssa even got one too.

Me and Lyssa

Daddy and Lyssa

This was my first time in City Hall and in the entrance is a piece of the Twin Towers.

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  1. What a wonderful way to teach your daughter about politics!

    New Follower
    Jill @ And Life Goes On


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