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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween and A Proud Wifey Moment

It was finally Halloween night and finally time to trick or treat.  We went with Lyssa's friends, Jessica and Lexie.  Jessica has a younger sister, Jenna, and Jessica brought a friend, Madison.  Lexie has a younger sister, Brinley.  And we had AJ.  So, we had seven kids with us total.  We had AJ in a wagon and his daddy took him out to go to each door.  Jessica's mom, Kristie, and Lexie's Mom, Amy came, so my husband was the only male, other than baby Alex of course.  I apologize for the pictures, but I only had my phone.
these are my babies ready to leave.  My little dinosaur didn't have his shoes on because he kicks them off in the car so we don't put them on until it's time to get out of the car.
he wouldn't look at me, but he's still adorable
My beautiful vampire.
AJ checking his candy out

my dinosaur

group shot

Lyssa looks almost dead, I guess that's good since vampires aren't supposed to show up

Shortly after that picture was taken, we saw a house with red, white and blue balloons.  I made a comment that those weren't Halloween colors.  As we got closer I realized, there was a sign in the yard.  It said, "Welcome home daddy!"  Wow!  As my husband took AJ and the six girls to the door, I saw as the soldier himself opened the door in uniform.  All the girls got their candy from him and then it was AJ's turn, he got his candy and then I watched as my husband stuck his hand out and shook the soldiers hand and thanked him for his service.  My eyes immediately filled with tears.  Not sad ones, but tears of joy, honor, and pride.  That was MY husband saying thank you to a soldier, the father of MY children, extending his hand in gratitude.  He makes me proud every day to be his wife, but on this night, I totally realized just how BLESSED I am to be married to him and for him to be the role model for our children.  
this was the final picture that I took, the girls were cold and tired.
Jessica, Ellyssa, Lexie, and Madison

guess who didn't make it to bed?  AJ was so tired he passed out, this is him on the changing table to attempt to get him ready for bed.
We had a great Halloween!  I hope everyone else did too!



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