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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Tennerys Go to the Pumpkin Patch - Isbell's Pumpkin Farm

Year after year, my daughter went to "the pumpkin patch" on school field trips.  She seemed to always have fun.  When our son was born we decided to go as a family.  This would be extra special because our daughter was now in 3rd grade and that would be the first year that she didn't go with the school.  I looked up directions and thought of how much fun it would be to go as a family.  After driving all the way out to the country, this Momma was one unimpressed person.  Now, I'm not going to name the Pumpkin Patch because I don't want to put them down in any way.  It was cute, in a very young child type of way.  When I mentioned it to my daughter and asked if she really had fun there each year, she replied, "no, the school stopped going here, we go to a big one in Athens."  Wow, so at that moment I thought of two things.  1. I'm a bad mom because I obviously don't read permission slips before I sign and send money.  2. What a waste that I didn't read it and brought us here.  Oh well, we live and learn and still had some family time.

Flash forward two years later and there is a new pumpkin patch in town and it's Isbell's Pumpkin Patch.  Our friends' church (the church Lyssa has been attending) was headed to the new pumpkin patch Saturday with the youth.  Of course I had to check it out and take my Lil Man.
if only I had known that his eyes weren't open :(
Upon entering I saw there was plenty more to do than my previous experience.  My first goal was to make it passed the large inflatable slide with Mans.  If we stopped there first, that would be the only place we would be visiting.

he's a little blurry because he jumped :)
I so wish I hadn't cut her head off so you could see her expression

then it was a game of catch baby AJ
me and AJ walking and him pointing at the slide
  After playing in the hay we decided to go into the corn maze.  In the beginning I thought it was no big deal since the corn was tied back with orange rope, but then the rope disappeared and the paths got smaller.
"hey Mom, where are you letting them take me?"
walking to the petty zoo
Lyssa feeding a goat

 Then AJ found a calf named Charlie and I was beginning to think we were going to have to take this calf home with us because every time I looked up he was back with Charlie.
Alex with Charlie
AJ found a bunny
then went back to Charlie
Lyssa with Wilbur
he wasn't quite sure about the pig, Wilbur
They tried to convince him not to be scared
Lyssa with one of the rabbits
Alex decided it was more his style and wanted to pick it up and kiss it
feeding the goats
"Charlie, why are you laying down?"
he loved the bunnies
"rope me!"
roping time and just as Lexie roped it, AJ saw something
it was baby chicks
After the roping we all got in line to board the hay ride to pick our pumpkins.  It was a lot longer hay ride than I thought it would be, but was fun.  When we pulled up and stopped, the kids jumped off and ran to find their pumpkins.

AJ found one that was his size.
Lyssa found one that she said was her size.
I grabbed a quick group shot of the youth from Vandiver Hollow Missonary Baptist Church
 Then we pad for our pumpkins, put them in the car, and it was time for the corn crawl.  Now, I have to admit I've never seen the possible fun that this could be in years past, unless you were a little child, but this corn crawl was deep and I wanted to get in.
Alex burying Lexie

 Once AJ decided to throw it, I decided it was time to get out of the corn and venture over to the slide we had conveniently skipped when we came in.
apparently AJ wasn't ready and went tumbling forward
he was ready the next time
probably one of my favorite pictures, with Lexie, Alex, and Lyssa all smiling and having fun
notice the hand behind my not so expecting son
yes, she pushed him

We had an awesome time and can't wait to visit again!  Hoping this pumpkin patch will stay around for years because this could definitely become a tradition in our household.

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  1. I really enjoyed looking through these photos. How fun!!!! Your kids really enjoyed it, one can tell from the photos!


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