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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alabama Renaissance Faire

Sunday, my daughter and I decided to venture out of the house that has kept us so confined and sick lately.  What is there to do?  Well, this weekend was the Renaissance Faire in none other than Florence, Alabama.  Which is about five minutes away...  I had only been a few times and that was way back, probably when I was in high school.  My daughter had never been and was super excited to go.  Her friend, Jessica, also had never been, so we set out to have fun at the Faire.

Once we got there we saw a gentleman play an entire song with water glasses, and I don't mean the ones you may have seen that have about eight glasses, this guy had about thirty different glasses.  It was amazing at that.  What did I realize?  I didn't bring my camera!  I know, shocking, the photographer with no camera.  I really have to stop doing that.  The outfits where amazing and at every turn there were people "acting" out parts.  One lady was covered in dirt and was crawling on her knees with a bowl asking for "oms for the poor."  The girls were a little freaked out and I had to explain to them, that's how things were in the Renaissance time.  These people were committed to playing the roles.

As we got closer and closer to the King's Tent, we saw where they were having "trials" and punishments.  I realized I knew the gentleman who was performing and the next time he was looking for the next "rule breaker" I pointed to my daughter, Lyssa, and he quickly took to getting her up in front of everyone to put her head in the "Stocks"  Now my daughter is quite strong so it did take two grown men to get her up there, but they got her.   I snapped a few pictures with my camera.
Threatening our friend Josh
discussing her "crimes"

listing her punishments
asking her which punishment she was going to take

She chose to do The Chicken Dance in front of everyone.

Yes, I'm pretty sure my daughter is not happy with me embarrassing her, but maybe one day when she has kids and embarrasses them, she will be able to show this to them and say, "Look what my mom did to me!"

We walked around and found this very nice lady from China doing something I thought was Amazing... She could write our name on a piece of rice, yes, RICE!  Of course I had to get one.
Alexander written in Chinese on an egg that also contained a rock with "Luck" on it as well as some Chinese money that Lyssa claimed very quickly.
Ellyssa written on rice and put inside a necklace.  It's a blue heart with a diamond on it.
Ellyssa written in Chinese on the other side of the piece of rice.
of course I had to get one too, this is my necklace that says LOVE, it's two pieces
Our pieces of rice with my name and my husband's name
Still unsure how her hand is that steady, but I love it.  We then ate from our friend, well ok, my husband's friend, Tim's tent.  He own's Pop's Barbecue and he food is awesome.  Of course I had to stop by and get my husband a Philly Cheese steak when we were leaving, since he was at work.  We also got to spend time with my sister-in-law and my niece and three nephews.  My father-in-law also came.  I also ran into my husband's aunt.  We had a great time and I know Lyssa is so excited to go back next year.  Oh and besides the necklace, I also grabbed a glass jug of homemade rootbeer.


  1. That looks like a really fun outing! I would love to go to a Renaissance fair someday! And that egg: Ya-Li-Shan-Da is a very good transliteration of Alexander into Chinese!

  2. I LOVE going each year. We didn't get to go this year but I have really enjoyed reading about your fun time! It is the best fun! Kobe is particularly fond of the belly dancers...can't imagine why! We actually went and stopped for like ten minutes but it was COLD and we had just left trunk or treat and couldn't take the cold and wind anymore. The only thing Kobe said was, "I bet the belly dancers are cold!" LOL

    1. Yeah, I forgot to mention the shivering belly dancers. :) We didn't go Saturday because AJ had a tummy ache, we went Sunday.

  3. That was so much fun! Michigan has one every year that I had been to way back then and I absolutely loved it! Those necklaces are adorable! I want one, too!!!


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