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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Beginning of Cheerleading Season

Yes, I'm one of THOSE moms, that totally thinks cheerleading is a sport.  Why on earth would I think this?  Have you ever raised a cheer leader?  Carried their bag of shoes, pompoms, and uniforms?  Had them at three practices per week?  Well, I have and this makes her seventh year and yes, she is only ten.  I myself am not a "girly girl."  I was always a tree climbing football playing tom-boy.  And when I found out that I was having a girl, my rule: no pink.  Well, that didn't work out so well as before she was born over 90% of her closet was all pink and cute skirts.  I always fixed her hair and played dress-up, let's face it girl clothes are just SO cute.

Now, her name is somewhat unique and goes back to my tom-boy theme.  Growing up, I watched Who's the Boss, starring Alyssa Milano as Samantha, "Sam", and a softball playing tom-boy.  Loved the idea of having a pretty girl that was a tom-boy like I am.  It seemed while I was pregnant that everyone was naming their daughter Alyssa, so I needed something different.  Google, here I come.  I'm Irish, so my first thought was to see if there was an Irish version of Alyssa.  BINGO!  No more searching, Ellyssa it is.  Now, not only do I have my pretty cheer leader, but she plays and LOVES softball too.  Yes, best of both worlds and the name fits her uniqueness.

This last week, not only did school start on Monday, but Cheer Camp started too.  After two hours three times this week, it was time for our first game.  It was actually two jamboree games just to start the season, as more or less just for fun because it wasn't full length games.  Our Trojans won both of their games and it's a great start for the new football/cheerleading season.  And to make this season even better...  Her BFF Lexie is cheering this year.  I had AJ in my lap most of the time so I only snapped a couple of pictures, but I will get a lot more throughout the season because the games will be at night when my husband is off work and can either take pictures or watch Alex so I can take some.

The Besties after the games

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  1. She has MUCH better "vs" than her BFF :)

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