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Friday, September 21, 2012

My CRAZY husband and His Silliness With the Kinect

This was SO funny (to me) that I just had to share.

This video was filmed the night of our anniversary, that you can read about HERE.  After that silliness, my husband and friend started a game of football on the Kinect.  For those living under a rock that have no idea what a Kinect is, it's Microsoft's answer to Nintendo's Wii.  It plugs into your xbox 360 and you don't have to hold anything, as in no holding onto a controlled like the Wii.  It actually "sees" your body.  Nothing against the Wii as we have that too (although it has been collecting dust since we got the kinect).  They are seen here, playing Kinect Sports, Season 2.
My husband is on the left in the orange Auburn Shirt.  Boo! Roll Tide! :)

The next night when they began to play I sat by on the couch watching thinking there was no reason to have two videos.  Boy was I WRONG!  They were playing a game of tennis (that is on the same disk) and my husband swing his "racket" so hard that he face-planted on the floor.  Bahahahaha!  So I decided to get up and video.  Of course nothing that GREAT would happen with the camera rolling, but it's still funny.
My husband in on the left again in the Garfield "Employee of the month" shirt.

Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. This is hilarious! At least he has the right color shirt on for night 2! Shame on him for wearing Auburn on your anniversary!

  2. Too Funny!

    I'm stopping by from the blog walk. I'd love for you to visit me at http://www.fashionablysaving.wordpress.com

    I'll be liking you on Facebook as well.


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