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Friday, September 7, 2012

AJ's Two-Year Check-Up

It was time to visit the doctor for Alex's two-year check-up and shots.  :(  But this time he wouldn't know what was coming since this was our first time in the new office.  Wow!  What a different!  We are use to going to a crowded parking lot and searching for a place to park (his office is located right beside the hospital) and then going into a normal size waiting room.  By "normal" I mean if no one is there it's plenty big, but if about six children along with parents are there it can be a bit crowded.

The new building had a huge parking lot, and two very large waiting rooms, one for sick children and one for well children.
playing in new waiting room
Attached to the waiting rooms were playgrounds where you could send your child outside to play while you waited.  Then once called over the intercom, you walked back to a huge circular room that seems like a circus big top.  Then on in the the room where you would wait for a doctor.  It was time for measurements.

At two years old, "Baby AJ" weighed in at 27 pounds and is 34 inches tall.  Now, while everyone who sees him wants to tell me how small my son is to be two, the pediatrician says that on your third birthday, you double your height to find out your adult height.  Well, at 34 inches, his adult height would be 5 foot 8 inches.  Considering he has another year to grow, I'm pretty happy with that considering that is the exact height of his daddy.  He's very happy and healthy and that's what matters.
This is how he spends his time waiting for the doctor to come in.
Notice how he makes sure all the wheels point in the same direction at one point.

We saw the doctor and he only needed one shot today.  Piece of cake, he has always handled shots very well.  His sister o the other hand, doesn't.  Even now, at ten-years-old, she cries and pitches a fit, before she gets a shot and once she gets it, she stops crying because it doesn't hurt.  After he got his shot it was time to go, and he found fish in the wall.  Yes, they had an aquarium in the wall and he was all about the fish.


  1. Wow the doctors office looks amazing! I love the idea of two waiting rooms...

  2. Glad everything's fine! And yes, the place does look more like a fun playground for kids! My girl loves to look at the fishes at the doctor's clinic too!


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