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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A World Blogger? Me? Thanks :)

I'd like to thank the Academy... No, but I would like to thank Dawn at Dawn's Disaster for giving me the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

So, here's the deal-e-o:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award. 
2. Post 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 7 other deserving bloggers, letting them know they've been chosen. 
4. Include a logo of the award in your post. 

7 things about me:
  1. I'm HOT natured!  Ok, so Blogger tells me that's a word either spelled incorrectly or not a word at all, but coming from me, yeah ummm definitely a word!  Even when it's 72 degrees outside, I'm hot.  So much so, that when I was nine months pregnant in August of 2010, I not only had my AC on 66, but ran to Wal-Mart at 2 am to purchase three fans to point directly to my side of the bed so I could actually go to sleep.  
  2. I want to wear fake lashes.  Why?  Because my husband and son have these AMAZING women's lashes and I have these short little no-show lashed.  Why don't I wear them?  I rarely wear make-up and have no idea how to put fake lashes on, maybe one of my cool blogger friends will link me a how-to video :) and I'm scared of gluing my eye shut. Ha!
  3. I don't like wearing make-up. Why?  See #1.  I feel like I sweat it off before leaving the house.
  4. I LOVE being a mom!  I know, most mom's do, but I mean if I were rich and healthy, I'd have the Duggars beat!  These is no better feeling that being a mom.  I know, I have my stressed out, I want an off-day moments, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  
  5. Not so sure that my past defines me.  Ok, I know you've all seen or read cute little quotes about, "I wouldn't change my past because it made me who I am."  While I know my past has taught me a lot, it doesn't define me.  What do I mean by that?  Those who knew me ten years ago would be shocked if they knew me now, not surprised, shocked.  I'm not a hip-hop loving, loud system booming, loud-mouth, attitude screaming city girl.  I'm a quiet (in groups) laid back, classic music loving, sign language speaking (only about twenty words, but it's the only way my son can communicate), children loving mom, married to my country speaking best friend.
  6. My husband and I don't sleep under the same cover.  It's not that we don't love each other... See #1.  He kicks and punches like he's doing Taebo and I have to have my feet uncovered so they can "breathe."
  7. I LOVE blog hops.  So much so that I started two of my own, Wordless Wednesday and Friendly Fridays.  I have found some amazing blogs through blog hops.
7 Deserving Bloggers:
1. Christina at Riding the Crazy Train
2. Ugochi at Teshuva
3. Rhiannon at Happy Little Feet
4. Paige at Eloping Stethoscope
5. Bonnie at A Little Unhinged
6. Cassie at Live Laugh L0ve
7. Shar at Shar's Blog

Can't wait to read these ladies facts about themselves!  Hop over and pay them a visit.


  1. Thank you so much for the award!! :) I'm with you on #'s 4, 6 & 7! :)

  2. Just stopping by to say Congrats! What a nice accomplishment. Have an awesome weekend :)

  3. I am kind of speechless, but I write as I breathe...thanks a lot, I find it humbling that you have such thoughts towards me and Teshuva.

  4. Aw thank you girl! I so appreciate it!


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