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Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 Years and Counting

Well, the girl who vowed never to get married made it to her 5th Anniversary and she's more happy and in love now that she was on her wedding day.  Is that possible?  Well, yes, I would have to say it's very possible.  I never knew true love until I met my husband.  After the first month of dating I knew I wanted to be with him forever.  Not married to him of course, but with him none the less.  See, I grew up in a time that seemed my parents were the only parents still married and happily so.  Numerous friends lived through divorce and it was something I never wanted to do to my children.  Never mind the fact that not being married could make them a little dysfunctional, this mom wasn't thinking that way at all.  Oops!

So, we did things backwards, by that I mean, our daughter is ten and we are celebrating our fifth year being married.  But it's ok, he views divorce the same as I do and we know come high water, we will be screaming at each other in counseling LONG before we call it quits.  So, this is number five, it should be a big one, right?  Well, not in my little, non-throwing of parties world.  Yes, it's BIG in my heart, but not in the budget.

We started the day with taking our Lil Man to his two year check up.  You can read about that HERE.  Then after picking up our daughter from school, I ran to Wal-Mart to get our cake.  Yes, we got a cake, I mean after all, my husband has put up with me for five years, lol.

Yes, I know it isn't beautiful, but it's 100% butter-cream, NOT fondant, I hate the taste of that stuff.  And it's only for us, not some elaborate party.  For supper, we went to our favorite place to eat, Logan's, while our besties watched our children.  Wow!  A dinner with no children, that was SO relaxing, and hadn't happened since last year on our anniversary.  Then to "cut the cake."  For this we went to be with the kids and so our friends could enjoy some cake and take some pictures.

And take some pictures she did.  Haha, to me these pictures are priceless and honestly, may end up in a frame one day :)  I love the silliness that is the Tennerys.

so cute and harmless
that didn't end up so harmless, he got me GOOD!
notice the glob of icing, yes I think he got me with all the icing
icing in hand
and I tried again, but he's quicker and has longer arms
we wasted perfectly good cake
although it was fun :)
 We had a great anniversary and thanks to our friends, the Murrays, definitely one we won't forget :)



  1. Happy Anniversary! As a casualty of divorce I think your views are very reasonable! It is hard and scary and kids suffer:( Fortunately I found my true love the second time around! I like your cake! Good for you! Congrats!

  2. 5 years wow, on next Wednesday it will be my 3 year anniversary... I am so excited and can not believe how fast time has flown by. congratulations and your cake is beautiful :)

  3. awww!! Total cuteness!! Happy anniversary!!


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