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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Comcast,

Ok, so I know you know those people that say, "Drama follows me"?  Let's be honest, some people just live and breathe drama and they love it.  I myself don't, if I want drama I watch reality TV.  However, that being said, sometimes I feel surrounded by drama and I don't mean he said/she said drama, I mean everyday life DRAMA, but it's SO over powering that it's not "just life", it's drama.  HERE is one of our experience from only a month ago.  And we just had another one that only started yesterday and started so simply.

We woke up for day one of my husband's vacation and our Lil Man wanted to watch some TV.  Well the Disney Channel wasn't working.  Simple enough I grabbed my phone to call and have a signal sent, luckily their automated system has a feature to just send one now.  I would normally hear, "Thank you for calling Comcast, if the last four numbers of your account phone number are ****, please press one."  I heard, "Thank you for calling Comcast, if you are a Comcast customer please enter your ten digit phone number now."  I had it on speaker so I shot my husband a look and just shrugged and typed in my phone number.  "We're sorry the number you entered does not match any of our accounts on record, one moment and you will be transferred to an operator."  Seriously?

I get a fellow that seemed nice enough, although I could tell English was his second language, so I told him I just wanted a signal sent and the automated system didn't recognize my number.  He asked for my number, I provided it and then he asked for the name on the account, mine... A pause and then he tells me that's not the name on the account.  Excuse me?  I said ok, this is the address... That was followed with, "we can't send a signal to your box because we have no equipment at that address."  "Sir I have FOUR boxes and a modem."  "You will have to call back later if your box doesn't start working, but there is nothing I can do."

Fine, I'm only a few miles from the local Comcast, I'll just go over there.  So, I get there and speak to a really nice lady who pulls up my account by my phone number and yes it's my name and address, but not my bill.  Then she logs in on the website as me and it says Hi Albert, who is my father and has NEVER been associated with my account.  The bill on my account is his at $209, mine is only $159.  Ok, so she pulls up his account and his bill isn't correct either.  Seriously, what's going on?  After standing there an hour and three different people trying on two different computers to get it fix, they finally tell me I can go and they will call me later.

Around 3 pm I received a call that no one in the local office could handle the problem so it was being forwarded to the home office in Philadelphia.  Ok, great.  Then right before going to bed I tried to check my e-mail as I always do.  Nope, wrong password.  So I call Comcast because they told me they may have to reset my password since it was floating through the office.  I ask what me new password was and I was informed that my e-mail, WARbaby817, didn't exist in their system.  WHAT?!  They deleted my e-mail account all together.  You have to be kidding me.  And it wouldn't let me re-make it either.

So, first thing this morning I was at Comcast and of course I don't get the nice lady, I get the one that doesn't care that says, "they sent it to the home office, you have to give them time."  Meanwhile, my e-mail that is linked to my paypal, my blog, and my school is now deleted.  Fine, I come home and contact everyone under the sun that I can think of and change my e-mail account to TriciaTennery.  THEN, I get a couple of phone calls from the home office and then from the nice local lady that had helped me.  It is all fixed now, that is AFTER I have changed my e-mail account everywhere that I could of.  So, I have a new e-mail account and I am sorry for anyone that either received a "bounce back" after the account was deleted and to everyone that didn't receive an answer from me prior to the deletion since I didn't receive it.

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