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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alex Jacob Turns 2!

Finally the day was here, Baby AJ's birthday.  We were all anxious because we had gotten his presents weeks earlier and picked up his cake the day before.  Let's be honest, it was and adventure even getting Alex here.  We thought we would never have another child and then got pregnant only to continue to go into labor.  It was very stressful, so much so that we kept it a secret for a LONG time, which you can read about HERE.  Then the eventful amniocentesis and giving birth HERE.  And bringing him home from the hospital HERE.  I originally started this blog right after finding out I was pregnant as a way to document my children's lives and because of that I have every part of AJ's birth story.

The day was here and it was time to celebrate. My husband had taken off work so he was home all day and we started the day with a big home cooked breakfast by my husband.  He's such an awesome cook!   After breakfast, since it was already 11 am, we had cake.  I ordered his cake from the wonderful Sugar on Top.  And it was awesome!

The birthday boy checking out his cake
trying a red velvet cupcake
loving it
now going in for a piece of cake
and loving it
I'm not really sure why my husband put him in a recliner to eat cake, but at least it was the hubby's recliner and not mine :)
His new kitchen
Of course Sissy loves it too
Yes, that's Teen Mom on the TV don't judge :)
Train table from Mawmaw and Pawpaw (my parents)

 The train table had to wait a little while to be put together, it was time to go outside and play.  Daddy took his pool outside and our water toy that we've had for years and hooked the hose up for some fun.
AJ in his swim diaper, he took his new cart outside with him, with a ball in it of course.
"Daddy get in!"
His new ESPN basketball goal, he out grew his baby goal.
"Come on Sissy"
Bitsey thinking, "those people are crazy if they think I'm getting in the water, my hair will frizz."
nice cool drink for Tiger
My crazy children
"Wait, wait, my ball rolled away."
I think this would be "jumping in" if this were a deep pool
"No, I'm playing with my cart and ball."
Throwing him in and he took the cart with him.
and again...
 After going inside and drying off, my husband and I, (yes, my husband helped build something, total shocker I know) built AJ's new train table.  After the table was build he scooped him up and took him to the grocery store so I could get all the pieces put together.  No, the table wasn't the hard part, it was all the buildings that had to be put together.  I finished and installed all the batteries and I have to admit this is the coolest toy and I get to play with it too.  Everything on it works and makes sounds and lights flash.

 After Alex spent hours and I do mean HOURS playing with his trains it was almost time for bed, but his sister snuck and gave him another cupcake.  I tried to snap a picture or too, but he ran.
Tiger wanted one
cornered him in his bed
jumping on the bed because he thinks he got away with something.
 I think Baby AJ had a great birthday.  I can't believe he is 2, where has the time gone?


  1. aaah Happy Birthday to you :)
    Looks like to had an exciting day :)

  2. HB to the little one!

    Popped in from Monday Meet Up ~


  3. aw bless....looks like he had an exciting day!!
    Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop

    1. He sure did! Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back.

  4. Looks like a fun birthday! Loved the cake.


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