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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - My Husband

Thankful Thursday is where I stop and tell how thankful I am for one thing this week. I am thankful for so much in my life, but each week I will recognize one thing that just really stood out that week. I will also be linking up to the wonderful inspiration of my Thankful Thursday post.

This week, I want to recognize my husband.  Why?  Because he's great!  He's just an all around great guy.  I'm not a sugar-coater and I'm not going to sit and tell you that my husband is perfect, because honestly, the only perfect people are not walking on this Earth.  But he is wonderful.

Many years ago, I NEVER wanted to get married, I just didn't.  Everyone nowadays is divorced and I wasn't raised in divorce and didn't want to bring any children into a divorce.  Although, now that I sit and think since I'm older, I'm not sure how I thought being a non-married mom to children was any better than being a divorced mom.  LOL.  I just never wanted to say, "I do" and then years later say, "I don't." In my past, I did accept a ring, but never really had intentions of it going any farther. No dates would ever be discussed, nor were dresses or places. I think it was more "for show" type of ring than anything.

My husband and friendship. Wow, those are words that really really go together! He is the most loyal friend of anyone that I have ever known and I'm not saying that because he is my husband. You know the people that you hear bad things about, but you don't actually "know" the person and can't help but to form an opinion? Then sometime later you meet them and "try" to give them the benefit of the doubt even though you have preconceived notions in your head. Well, that's not my husband, somehow someway, whatever pinions someone has about someone goes in one ear and out the other. He forms NO opinion of anyone based on what he has "heard." That's just not him. I still talk to people today that tell me what a great guy my husband has always been. Even when there is someone my husband is close to that tells him something, if my husband doesn't SEE it then he might as well have not heard it. My husband and I were friends for about six months before we ever started dating, so I know what a friend he truly is. And he's my best friend!

My husband on relationships. Well, now those are words that don't go together at all. I guess I am blessed to be the first in my husband's life, so we have zero trust issues and all the other baggage that goes along with all the failed relationships of people's past. There's NEVER a "going through" of wallets, or purses, or phones. It's a relationship that I have never experienced and SO grateful for! I knew after only three months of dating that this is who I wanted to marry. Yes, MARRY! His parents' were divorced and that only bothered me for a moment, because I would learn he shared my views on divorce. Being the child of a divorce he carried the hurt of a divorce that I didn't want for any of my children. He carries feelings that I won't understand since my parents have been married almost 38 years, but I'm there for him and I listen.

My husband and rings. Yeah, this was a new one on me but those words, so go together. :) When my husband picked out and bought my engagement ring, he began to tell me what rings he liked. Ok, so I would know what wedding bands he liked, to see if they would look anything like mine. No, he was wanting an engagement ring... What?! Umm, yes, his said, "it's not fair you get to wear a ring to tell the world we are in love and getting married, I want one too." So, I got him a man's diamond wedding band engagement ring. He wore that ring for the three years that we were engaged and got a new beautiful wedding band when we got married. On the inside I had "To the love of my life" engraved.

My husband and fatherhood. Oh those words are more perfectly fit than any. The care and love he has for our two children is unmatched. When we had so many complications with our youngest and we decided to have my tubes tied, he decided he wanted to get "fixed" to. He says that, "if for some reason down the road we do split up, he doesn't want any children with anyone else because he has the two little loves of his life and doesn't want to divide that love with another child." Wow, what a Dad moment! He has been assistant coaching our daughter's softball team for the last three years and although I worried about him having "authority" over a bunch of girls, they all looked at him with respect and all love "Coach Benji." I know he will be ready to help coach our son in three years when his Little League career starts.

Although we have had small disagreements along the way, I have noticed the "truths" about marriages of my friends lately and it shines a whole knew light on my marriage and my husband.  Now, I hope my friends don't get mad when they read this because I'm not using names or even situations, but I have had some friends lately tell me bad things about their husbands and marriages.  Even thrown out the word "divorce" although a couple only say it out of anger, but a couple really mean it.  I mean marriages from twenty years, seventeen years, twelve years, to six years.  I'm glad when a marriage can work out, but sometimes (and even I know this) the marriage has to end.  Sometimes the things tearing a marriage apart are the things that one side is not willing to fix.  My husband and I have thankfully NEVER had those problems.  Although I love each one of my friends dearly, it was a shock for the D-Word to be dropped in my lap by two different wives in the same week.  I will always be here for my friends, but please forgive me if when you say something like that, I'm speechless for a moment.  It's me taking it all in.  Also, if my husband is friends with you as a couple, please understand IF you get divorced, he doesn't even see "sides" much less choose one.  He will remain friends with both because again, he's that kind of friend.

I want my children to know HOW much their Daddy means to me, but sometimes that much love can't be put into words.


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  2. Aww this is truly a precious post. What a wonderful tribute to your hubby. You are so blessed to have such a godly inspiration and support at your side. Thank you for sharing your grateful heart over at TT!

  3. What a wonderful testimony. So often we hear all the complaints about our spouse and never the good things... WONDERFUL!

  4. That was such a beautiful tribute to your hubby.

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

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  6. Marriage is truly a blessing! Glad you are truly blessed with a wonderful man!

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  9. What a WONDERFUL treat each Thursday. There is so much to be thankful for. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Twirling Clare

  10. This is a really great way to make sure you are stopping and thinking about what is important! Love the idea! Thanks so much for sharing and I am a new follower from the GFC Hop over at The Life of the Not So Ordinary Wife!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Awww!! This is such a special post :) LOVE IT! Love your love and your thankful heart. It is truly beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday with me at First Day of My Life!! :)
    Happy weekend! ox

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    Thanks SO much! I am truly humbled and appreciative!

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  15. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband! God bless you!

  16. This is sweet and I am sure that it made his day! It's so important to be grateful for what we have. I found you on Exposure 99% weekday hop and would love a follow back! All the best ,


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