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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Ten Favorite Summer Activites

Welcome to all the Eloping Stethoscope Readers.  It's that time of week again when I share my ten favorites.  This week the topic is my ten favorite summer activities.

1. Having my daughter home
No doubt, it has to be my favorite of all, I absolutely LOVE having her home for the summer.  I love the relationship we have together and the talks we have and the hugs and cuddles while watching TV.  I also love that she gets to spend SO much time with my parents.  Although I miss her when she spends the night with them, they absolutely love it and they only live 3.5 miles away.

2. Grilling out
Yeah, of course I don't do the grilling, my husband does, but it sure tastes good.
Ribs, chicken, pork chops, hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn.
You name it and I'm pretty sure my husband can grill it, it's the South, it's what we do.

3. Swimming
Use to, we would go to a little part of the Tennessee River that is deserted and no one seems to know about, although when my parents were my age it was THE place to go.  It appears that MY generation has no idea about it and since my parents shared with me, we have been going for years.
Last year we did buy an above ground pool for my parents' backyard and swam in it some as well as spent a lot of time swimming at the YMCA with friends.
After putting SO much time into opening our pool at my parents' this year, it was knifed over the weekend.

4. Sleeping late
So, my son and his "schedules" made us all get up at 6:30 am every morning, even on the weekends.  It's just part of who he is, you can't change his schedules or he will have major meltdowns, even getting physically sick if it's too much of a change.  
It didn't matter if he was sick and stayed up until midnight for some reason, he was still up at 6:30.
Finally, at the halfway point of school starting back, he is going to be around 9:30 pm instead of 7:30 and sleeping until 9 am, except the days when we go to speech therapy.  Then he gets up at 8:45.

5. Full days with Daddy
Through the school year, even when my husband is off, he still only gets to see our daughter AFTER she gets out of school that day.
During the summer, he gets to spend full days with the WHOLE family and even if I'm not in the room, I love hearing the laughter and cutting up he and our daughter do.

6. Fruit
Yes, I know that sounds weird to throw into my mix of "family," but I love fresh fruit.  
I'm not a vegetable eater at all, but fruit, wow, I could eat my weight in it, if I didn't weigh so much.

7. Summer time TV
Yes, the little crazy "summer only" shows.
Even the icky ones like, Fear Factor.
I also found one of my favorite shows to be a "summer show," Dallas

8. Sandwiches for lunch
Yes, it's Alabama and yes it's HOT
I love to just have cold cut sandwiches for lunch with the kids

9. No tests to study for
So, I'm one of THOSE parents that thinks grades are EVERYTHING!
So, we STUDY for tests here and I mean really go over it a lot even when she knows it.
I was never a good test taker even though I'm a straight A student, I have been told I get it from my mom.
So, I try to make sure my daughter is really prepared.

10. Dog Walking
Yes, it's done year round I know, but this summer my son actually says "walk" and wants to go walk the dogs.
He walks the small one and either I or my husband walk the larger one.


  1. hey there, couldn't find your email address on here but you've been chosen as our blog spotlight of the week on Welcome Wednesday!! congrats and I will simply take your sidebar, "about me" to add to the post for tomorrow! Thanks for taking part and congrats on the spotlight! Hope you meet many fellow bloggers this way! -Marissa from McClellen Memories rissarose80@yahoo.com

  2. Love that your son nwants to walk the dogs! We're waiting until my daughter is a little older and the. We'll let her walk our little dog with us, while we hold onto the big ones. Sometimes we joke about hooking her and our dachshund up to the double leash together, haha.

  3. Love your list! you def hit the nail on the head for a great summer! :)

  4. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!


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