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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meat Freak Out

While clearing our DVR, my daughter and I were watching last weeks episodes of Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen.  Both happened to be about fish and I commented, "I don't eat fish so I wouldn't know how to cook it."  Later in the evening, while watching a different show, this conversation happened:

"Momma, have you ever eaten fish?"

"No, wait yes, but only from Captain D's."  We no longer have a Long John Silver's and the river fish tastes fishy.

"That's not fish!"

"Yes, it is."

"So, they go out and catch it?"  In a very none believable tone.

"Yes, someone does, then batter it and fry it."

"NO!  You eat a poor fish?!"

"Yeah, it's not like the fish feels it."

"Momma, no, it's so mean!"  Beginning to get emotional.

"You don't think it's mean to the cow for that spaghetti you eat or the steaks."

"Momma, stop,"  real tears starting to form, "I can't believe people kill little animals."

"Well, tell that to the pig as you eat your bacon in the morning."

At this point, she's almost into a full blown emotional breakdown.  Keeping in mind that I didn't know she was seriously getting upset, I continued to name off the cuts of meat she eats and the animal it comes from.  Probably not my proudest "Mommy moment."

I asked, "So are you a new vegetarian or a vegan?"

Puzzled, she questions, "What's a vegan?"

"Well, they don't eat anything from the animals."

"No, I can't live without chocolate milk and cheese, besides it doesn't hurt the animals."

"Don't forget the eggs to go with your pig, I mean bacon."  "You know I'm going to blog this right?"

"No, momma, no!  You can't it's so embarrassing, I'm hurting for the animals."

"Well, I will include my crazy animal/food moment as well."

"Ok, so tell me about it."

I began to laugh as I thought back to being approximately the same age as my daughter is now and a conversation I had with my dad.  We were in the car going from Auburn to Muscle Shoals, to see my grandparent's for the weekend.  At that time is was about a five hour drive, so I normally slept.  On this particular day I was wide awake looking out the window, when I noticed a bunch of large building with fans in the ends.

"Daddy, what are those building?"

"Chicken houses."

"What are chicken houses used for?"

"Well, some are for the mommies to lay their eggs and some are to raise the little chicks up so they can be sent to factories and killed so we can eat them."

"Eat Chicken?"  I was extremely confused.

"Yes, chicken."

"Chicken, chicken.  I've had cow, and pig, and even deer.  Chicken, I don't think I've ever had chicken before."

My dad had an odd look on his face at this point and he said nothing.  Still confused I began to stare out the window.  Then out of nowhere it hits me and I burst out with, "OH!  Kentucky Fried Chicken!"

I think my parents still laugh about this story.  Now, as for my daughter, I'm still not sure if she will turn into a vegetarian or just cry for the animals with each bite she takes in the future.


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader coming via the Naptime Review. Your daughter's predicament is probably something which we all have been through...the horror of realizing that we actually are eating cute animals, but not being able to really go off meat completely!! Your daughter's reaction is too cute!!

    1. Thanks for the visit! She was really really torn up, but she had no problems eating my beef stew that I made last night. I'm following you back.


  2. Hi! Oh your daughter's questions are so cute! Reminds me of when my kids were younger asking questions. Stopped in from the Naptime Review party. :)

  3. Poor baby! *giggle* At least she is sad for the animals. Birdie was like "hey, since we don't eat the heads of meat animals, can I get one stuffed and put on the top of my hiking stick?!" UGH

    1. haha, she, well they are great! I love it! I also love your weekly posts.


  4. haha poor fish!!

    come say hi at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a good day!

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  6. Love the innocence of children! THis was a very cute conversation! Following you from the Flock Together Hop!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you back.

  7. Visiting from exposure 99% weekday blog hop!

    Please follow me back at www.myrafrancis.blogspot.com.


  8. The truth is sad sometimes, isn't it. I'm not looking forward to revealing things like this to my sweet baby when she's older. Thanks for sharing this cute story at Monday Mom Musings this week, Tricia.


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