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Friday, June 1, 2012

Today I Became "Momma"

I know, at first glance, it's like, "What?  You've been a mom."  Well, yes I have for many years now, but it's hearing the words that make it that much better.
As discussed here, words don't come as easily as one would imagine for my little AJ.  It's been a very emotional process coming to grips with his "different way of thinking."  I discussed that some here.

As of now, he's doing amazing things.  He can sign; yes, no, bed/sleep, and drink.  He is now saying no (while signing it), ball, dog, daddy and as of today: momma.  He said momma last night before bed, but I told myself it was just mumbling because he was tired, but no, I am "momma" now and couldn't be happier.  When Lyssa said it before she was one, I was so happy, but knowing my almost two year old who is struggling with trying to get his words out says it, it's just so sweet.  It melted my heart.

He has been saying "dada" for awhile, but it had no meaning, and as of two weeks ago he changed it to "daddy" and only in reference to his dad.  He has grown leaps and bounds and our family has too.  We are so close and have so much faith and things are getting better and better day by day.  I can't wait to go to speech therapy Monday morning and tell them, yes, I am now "momma."

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