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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Stay At Home Mommy

Welcome to all the Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby readers.  It's time for the Tuesday 10 link up.  This week's Tuesday 10 is ten reasons I love _____.  Well, mine is ten reasons I love being a stay at home mommy.

1. School Parties
My daughter will be entering 5th grade this next school year and I have never missed one school party.
I stopped working during the summer between her Preschool graduation and the beginning of Kindergarten.
I did everything in my power to make it to all of her preschool parties and I believe I only missed one or two, but now I don't miss any.

2. Big Field Trips
Nope, I've never missed one of those either.
2nd grade it was Cowboy Day at the Arena, riding horses and learning to rope.
3rd grade was all the way to Birmingham to the McWane Science Center.
4th grade was back to Birmingham to the Birmingham Zoo.

3. To and from school
Since we don't have buses my daughter has to be taken to and from school.
Although there are days that I'd really like to sleep in or like to take a nap in the afternoon, 
I wouldn't change our little talks in the car for anything.

4. Baby Boy's Milestones
I worked when my daughter was little, so I may have missed some firsts and saw them on the second time and called them a first, but staying at home with my baby boy, I see all his firsts. 
It's so priceless.

5. Speech Therapy
Alex has speech therapy every Monday and Wednesday and I don't have to worry about trying to take off work to take him or trying to find someone who can take him.
I get to take him, I get to talk to his therapist each and every session.
I get taught the sign language too so we can use it at home and I get the progress reports.

6. My Dad's Appointments
It's no secret, my dad is disabled, pretty badly disabled.
He has lots of doctors appointments, even some in Birmingham.
I am there so my mom doesn't always have to take off work.
I take him to almost all appointments in the area, but recently I took him to his doctor's appointment in Birmingham.
It was me, my dad, my daughter, and my son, and it was an adventure with a wheelchair and an oxygen tank.
As I wrote in my Daddy's Day post, we are so close and always have been, so our talks about life, politics, and tv shows are just priceless.

7. Summer Camps and Toddler Time
Recently my daughter went to softball camp and I got to be there.  
She can go to anything or do anything and know I am free to be there.
AJ attends Toddler Time at the library on Thursday Mornings and you guested it, I'm able to take him and sit in the floor with him.

8. Sick Kiddos
If either one of my children are sick, it doesn't matter how late I stay up with them, the only place I have to report to in the morning is to my children.

9. Daycare Worries, with AJ not talking
I have had a lot of anxiety even thinking of possible daycare for Alex.
But the truth is, I'm not going to find a daycare that will take the time with him that he needs or that will talk to him in sign language like he needs.
In a sense it would be like neglecting the other children.
So, it's not something I'm willing to do.

10. Family Time
That's right, we can have family time anytime we want to.
We can have family time with just me and the kiddos or on any day the my husband is off work.
I know a lot of people have Monday-Friday jobs and they have Saturdays and Sundays to have family time, but a lot of things aren't open on Saturdays and Sundays.
With my husband being off some during the week we can plan all kinds of things and never once worry if I will be off work.

This is the life I have chosen.  It's not that I can't get a job.  As I can, in many different areas.  My husband and I choose for me not to.  It was actually his idea in the beginning and now it's a joint decision, that even my parents support now that AJ is in the mix.  It doesn't mean I'll never have a job, it just means this is more important to our family.  I love my family and my time with them.


  1. Love your post! I really hope when my husband and I have kids we can work it out so I can be a stay at home mom at least until they are in school. My mom stayed at home with us and I really believe that it helps kids learn more.

    I'm hosting the Tuesday10 link up starting next week all throughout July so I hope you'll stop by my blog and link up again!


  2. Found you through the link up today! I stay at home and my kids are not in school yet, but I can't wait for some of the things on your list, like going to field trips! I am your newest follower! Check out my post if you get a chance.


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