Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Signing in Sentences

When parents hear their children's first words, it's nothing short of heart warming. When those children begin stringing those words into sentences it's remarkable. Let's be real, the first time our children do anything it's special.
A picture I snapped of him today
Tonight was a normal night, we went as a family to the YMCA to swim, I think it's AJ's favorite thing to do. When we got home my husband cooked some chicken nuggets and French fries and my little buddy came up to me and signed "eat" "please". Later, it became a "sentence," when he signed "more" "drink" "please". And to conclude the amazing night, he walked up to me and signed "bed." My little man is SO smart and I'm one happy momma. And it was more than heart warming, it was heart melting.


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