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Friday, June 22, 2012

Love/Hate #2

Well, I have had sort of a chaotic week, so i am late linking up, but love this link up so much that it's better late than never.  Welcome once again to all the Noels Beautiful Life readers.  It's that time of week again, time for love it/hate it, where I tell you some things I love, but hate other parts of it.

I LOVE that my son will finally cuddle and sleep in bed with me.
I HATE that my husband doesn't get a good night sleep when he's in bed with us because he thinks he's going to roll over on him and kill him.

I LOVE watching lightening bugs at night.
I HATE being eaten alive by mosquitoes while watching the fireflies.

I LOVE leaving the back door open and watching my son play on our back porch.
I HATE flies, and did I mention the mosquitoes, lol

I LOVE that my husband is screening in our back porch today.
I HATE that it's 95+ while he's doing it.

I LOVE my son talking to me in sign language.
I HATE that he has to in order to communicate.

Ok, I know, that last one was on there last week, but it will probably be on there every week for another couple of months.  I'll see you guys next week.  I hope to be on time with my link up.


  1. Lightening bugs are THE Coolest. We don't have those here, but I wish we did. My boys would love them. We have slugs, and snails ya want to trade?
    Hang in there momma, the important thing to remember is that he is speaking! Thanks again for link up.

    1. Thanks so much, I try to remind myself of it. And going places and seeing how amazed people are when they see him signing and he's only 22 months touches my heart too :)

  2. I really have the mosquitoes ... or as my daughter would say.. 'bite'quetoe for the little critters who damper outside time.
    Really enjoyed your post.


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