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Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Yep, Monday was a Monday in all her glory.  Yesterday, my ear was hurting some, but I hadn't been swimming in about three weeks, so I wasn't very concerned.  AJ woke me up at 8:15 am and at that moment, I knew something just wasn't right.  I really needed to go to the doctor, but Monday is speech therapy day for baby AJ.  I made a call to my mom, who was already at work to see if she could take him to his speech therapy with my older daughter, Ellyssa, and I could run to the doctor, because I was in no shape to take the children to the doctor with me.  My most awesome mom left work to take care of her grandbabies.  It is so wonderful having a mom so close by and I can't imagine living away from my parents.
While she was on her way to my house, speech therapy called to let me know that Alex's therapist was out sick so his appt was cancelled.  This was actually helpful today, so my mom got to stay in the air conditioning  while I ran to the doctor.  After all it was roughly 101 today in Alabama humidity and it just wasn't fun to be in.  I went to the doctor to find out I have a severe ear infection and have been put on antibiotics, ear drops, and pain meds.  I then had to run by and pay for my car, that was in the shop to have my window fixed, since my window regulator broke and my window wouldn't roll up.  I got home and then guess what my lovely mom did...

She stayed until AJ finally went down for a nap sometime around 2 o'clock.  He is a handful and seems to be like the dog that knows you're sick and wants to be up under you.  Yeah,l he's that little boy, all over me.  I love him bunches, but with this ear it was all I could do to smile and hug him back.  We all got a nap in and then I met my husband at my parents' to drop off my dad's truck that he had been driving and took him to the shop to pick up my car.  It's great to have two working cars, nothing against my dad's truck, but it is that, a truck and a family of four just doesn't fit in an S10.

Now, my daughter and husband are cooking supper and I'm going to relax.  Did I mention gas is under $3/gallon here?  Yeah, it's $2.99.  Too bad it's too hot to drive anywhere.

1 comment :

  1. It's a bummer that Mama's don't get a break when they're sick! I have my parents close by also and it's amazing! They're the only reason we get out for occasional date nights! I hope you're feeling better, glad you were able to get to the doctor and get some meds! I'm so jealous of those gas prices, we're at almost $4 here in Cali....brutal!



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