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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Excitement With Ellyssa - Softball Camp

What a busy week we have had, but it has definitely been a fun one.  My little softball player decided she wanted to go to softball camp, this was the first year it was offered, so she just had to go.  It was supposed to be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but due to the storms on Monday, it was pushed back until Tuesday.

I had a lot of running around to do this week and luckily my husband was off work on Tuesday and could watch Baby AJ.  I dropped Lyssa off at softball camp at 8:45 and went to do my running around.  I got back to the field a few minutes before camp ended for the day and didn't have my camera.  I was bummed because they were practicing sliding, but I knew there were two more days.  Tuesday morning, I dropped her off and went back home to get breakfast in me and Alex, before heading back to the field.

When I arrived at the field, I was amazed at the drills Coach James had them doing.  The first thing I saw was fielding 8 pound medicine balls.  Wow, talk about being ready for that heavy ball.  Then I saw they were actually hitting these balls.  I was very very impressed because these girls would definitely have to be able to swing a bat with something behind it to move these balls.

I think after awhile Baby AJ had had it with the sun, and took refuge under the bleachers where there was some shade.  He even tried to take a nap on the concrete.

I know the picture seems upside down, but it's actually how I saw him when I looked down.  The bottom right is my leg.
trying to sleep
Then it was on to sliding drills.  I have to admit it actually looked like a lot of fun, it reminded me of a slip-n-slide.  However, there was a technique to it.

Mrs. Lisa, holding Alex so I could snap some sliding pictures
Of course, we can't go anywhere without AJ finding a girlfriend.  So he played on the playground some, so those were the only pictures that I was able to get on day two.
headed to the playground
going up the steps to the slide
Today was the last day of camp and I was able to stay this morning since we all had breakfast before going. After stretching, they moved right into pop-flies.  And they were WAY up there!
if you notice where the coach is looking you can see the ball WAY up in the air

Then it was on to sliding drills and this time they were having to catch a ball that was thrown at them.

Then it was Toddler Time at the Library, so AJ and I left to run to the library for his weekly story, told by a great friend, Ms. Christina.  Today he really got a treat, we are on I and I is for ice cream, so that's what they got after their story.  Then it was back to the ball field.  When I drove up they were finishing hitting the medicine balls and were beginning to bat.

My baby girl, so hot
After this, it was more sliding to end camp and then they received their t-shirts.

The lovely helpful high school softball players
Coach James, the high school softball coach, and wife of Mr. Green, Lyssa's fourth grade teacher
Lyssa and Jennifer Wade, best softball buddies, the same team for four years now.  She's also the daughter of Mrs. Lisa, who was holding AJ in a picture.  We have gone to church with them too.
I feel like Lyssa learned so much in these three days and I can't wait for the next camp.  Coach James is already planning it.  I'm super happy that Lyssa got to do it with Jennifer too.  They both move up next year to the "big time" as they call it, it's the league that makes you or breaks you.



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    1. Thanks so much for visiting! I'm following you back. Hope we can connect with stories of our families.



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