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Monday, June 4, 2012

Adventures With Alex - Speech Therapy and Lunch

Today, was our first official day of speech therapy at Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy.  We have been trying to teach him on our own some stuff that was shown to us at the evaluation and stuff that was recommended to us at the evaluation at the Teach Me to Talk website.  He has been doing great!  It was a bit of a challenge to get him scheduled for his speech therapy due to the fact that he can't deal/handle schedule changes.  We now have him going Mondays and beginning June 18th, he will be going Monday and Wednesday.  This will last until at least January 1, 2013.

Today, I was so proud of my big boy, he held hands with his speech therapist and went to the back without me or his daddy.  They prefer to work with children alone, but some children/parents can't handle it.  I feel like I'm just a distraction and really wanted to not go back.  I smiled as I watched my big boy go to the back by himself.

When they emerged from behind the closed door, he was smiling and still holding her hand.  He even wanted to go back and play with her after he saw us.  She told us that he was doing great and has mastered the sign for "more" and she introduced the signs for "help" and "all done."  He was all smiles when we left.

Before heading home, we went by Rick's Barbecue to get some baked potatoes and sweet tea.  I have to say, it was the most amazing lunch, so quiet and peaceful, not something I'm use to.  He used his new signs to eat.  While eating, he would sign "more" for another bite and "drink" when he wanted something to drink.  It was amazing how the stress and anxiety about not being able to communicate was gone.  We could understand what he wanted and it was an amazing feeling.

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