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Thursday, May 24, 2012

School's Out For Summer

1st Day of 4th Grade
We started off the year kind of rocky.  Not realizing how important Accelerated Reader "AR" Book points were, she just didn't read them.  Bringing home a shocking 76 on her first report card in Reading.  I was horrified to see this, since she's never even made a B.  She and I both learned our lesson and got her back on the right track.

She had an amazingly nice homeroom teacher, that taught Reading, Language, and Spelling.  She had her very first male teacher, who she thought was so funny, he taught Math, Science, and Social Studies.  They took a few great field trips, including the one we tagged along on, which was to the Birmingham Zoo.  We had lots of fun this year and I think she is learning how important grades are, especially to her future.

Her final report card for 4th grade:
Conduct 100
PE 100
Social Studies 100
Science 99
Math 98
Language 97
Reading 97

A Blogger that writes a Blog that I follow has laid out some questions for us to interview our children and here are the questions and my daughters answers:

1. This school year is over. How do you feel about that? Glad
2. How was this year different from last year? It was my first time changing classes and my first guy teacher.
In the classroom
3. What did you like most about your teacher? She was very nice and my male teacher was really funny.
4. Who do you like to sit by in class? My friend Lexie
5. What is your favorite subject? Math Why? Math comes to me very easily and it's fun
6. Name two books that you read this year that you liked. 1. Ghost of Hackman Hill 2. Among the Hidden What did you like about these books? 1. At first you entered a secret pathway and you try to figure out who the ghost was, but at the end you find out it was only someone acting. 2. It was a true story about a little boy that was the third born child and the laws then said you could only have two. He figured out there was another third child of a family that lived nearby. They became friends with each other.
7. Did you have any extra helping jobs in your classroom this year? Yes. What were they? Bathroom monitor and "gofer" that helped teacher with papers.
8. What jobs did you like? "Gofer" What jobs did you dislike? none
9. Who do you play with at recess? Lexie, Destiny, and Kaylie
10. What is your favorite thing to do when recess is outdoors? Play on the swings and monkey bars
11. What is your favorite thing to do when recess in indoors? Play Headbands, a board game, with Lexie
12. What was the best birthday treat you had this year? Frosted covered pretzels Do you remember whose birthday that was? Lexie
13. What songs do you sing at school? I don't know the names to them. Tell me three of your favorites. 1. It's been a good year 2. And there's this poem about Colas, but I don't know the name of it 3. All I want for Christmas
14. Tell me about one field trip this year. The skating center for good behavior. It was so much fun and my male teacher Mr. Green skated and fell on his butt and face.
15. What was your favorite lunch? Cheesy bread sticks and French fries
16. Did you like art class? Yes What was your favorite project? We had to draw the Statue of Liberty
17. What was the best thing about music class? We played fun games
18. Did you learn anything about computers this year? No What?
19. If you could only wear one outfit to school for a week, what would you wear? Peace t-shirt and shorts
20. What is your favorite after-school snack? Gushers and a juice
21. What do you usually do right after school? Talk to my friend Jessica and then homework
22. What else would you like to remember about this year? Visiting the Birmingham Zoo and having my parents and great friends in my group while we were there. A funny story? when Zach was singing and Therimetra was dancing
23. If you fell on the playground, who would come running to help you? Lexie
24. Who likes to make everybody laugh? Jackson
25. Who likes to wear fancy clothes to school? Ashlyn
26. Who likes to get dirty? Me and Lexie
27. If you started a snowball fight, who would join you? Lexie, Zoe, Destiny, and Kaylie
28. If I told you someone had to stay in for recess, who would you guess it was? Eligh
29. Who runs the fastest? Kaylie
30. Who talks the loudest? Katelyn
31. If you needed someone to help you with your homework, who would you ask? My mom
32. If you were sad and needed someone to talk to, who would you choose? Lexie
33. If you could spend a week with somebody else’s family, what family would you choose? Lexie or Jessica
God’s care
34. Do you remember any of your memory verses? Yes Do you have a favorite? Romans 3:23
35. Did you have prayer time at school? Yes, every morning after the pledge we had "moment of silence" and prayer before lunch and before field day and awards day. What are some of the things you prayed for? My Pawpaw's back
36. Did God answer any of those prayers? Yes
37. Do you think you will like school next year? Yes Why or why not? I love school and seeing my friends
38. What do you think will be different next year? New teachers and a locker
39. Did God take care of you at school this year? Yes What did He do? Watched over me throughout the day
40. What do you like about summer? Sleeping late and being with my parents and baby brother.

She has grown up so much in just the blink of an eye.  I'm so glad to have this blog and the books that come from it to keep up with our journey along the way.
Honor's Day 
Thank you, God, for blessing me during this school year. Thank you for my teachers, principal, and pastor. Thank you for all of my friends. Please watch over all of them, and me too, this summer. Thank You for Your unbreakable, never-stopping, deeper-than-the-ocean love for me. Thank you for always watching over me, Your dear child.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  1. She is beautiful!!! They do grow so fast, don't they? My oldest is starting the fourth grade. Sigh, can't we just hit pause for awhile!?

    Glad you enjoyed the questions! :)


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