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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Possessions, We All Have Them

Welcome to all the Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby readers.  Today's Tuesday 10 is my 10 favorite Possessions and why.
1. My Wedding Rings
My husband gives me a symbol of his live everyday, a smile, a hug, a kiss, but these rings show the world I'm in love and committed. No matter if we won the lottery one day, I would never "upgrade" to a million dollar set, because these are top of the line, these are the ones I got married with.

2. My Phone
I mean really, I would be so lost without it. I don't know anyone's number and it's my contact for everyone. We have no home phone, so this little guy goes everywhere.

3. My Camera
Closest not living baby that I have. I bought this five years ago, right before getting married, at that time it was top of the line and it still is to me. I have officially taken over 11,000 pictures with it.

4. My Desktop Computer
Not the top of the line best, but it's mine, it's where I edit photos, where I write my blog, and the "catch all" in the house. Whether its a paper from school or a bill, always look on Mommy's desk.

5. DVR
It allows my family to enjoy all of my daughter's sports and functions, while not missing our favorite shows. Then my daughter and I can watch "our shows" after school and on weekends.

6. XBox
Yes, it's for games, and my husband plays a few, but this little gem is how we watch movies and Netflix.

7. Comcast Adapter
I know I sound like a Comcast commercial, but I promise I don't work for them. We are a TV family. I don't use it to babysit, but we love watching it together and talking about what we watch. That being said, we can't seep to silence, this little guy delivers Disney Channel to my babies at night before they drift off to Lala Land.

8. Netflix Streamer
That's right, another Netflix box, this one delivers it to my children's room

9. My Blog
Ok, so right now it's not a possession in my hand, but I'm working with a wonderful publishing company to have it turned into a book. My family stretches from Tennessee to Florida and my husband's family is from Tennessee to Ohio so this is great to keep our families up on everything Tennery.

10. My Flip flops
I have a lot more, but these are by the front door. I'm from the south and this is a must down here.


  1. That's so cool that you are getting your blog turned into a book! I want to do it as well, through blog2print.com...I'm just saving the money for it now :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Flip flops were on my list too :) I am going to have to check out this "blog to book" idea! Sounds interesting. Happy Tuesday!


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