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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Workshops

Today was the day to go to Lowe's to make a Mother's Day project. Today was a flower planter picture frame.

My husband and I have been switching back and forth with our cars lately because although my Focus is a 2002 it gets about 25 miles to the gallon and my Forenza only get 17-18 miles to the gallon. My husband only drives to and from work, so I've been driving the focus except to balk games and field day yesterday because Lyssa's softball bag and AJ's stroller are both in the Forenza. Well, I pulled up at Lowe's and realized I was in the Focus which meant, no stroller. Therefor, I had to hold Alex while helping Lyssa build. It was an adventure, but we were successful. The only draw back was I didn't get any pictures of Lyssa while she was building. But I snapped a couple when we got to the parking lot.
Then we went next door to Food World for Lyssa to decorate a cake for my mom, her Mawmaw. She made one for me last year, so this year she wanted to make mawmaw one.
Then we grabbed some chicken and went to my parents to eat lunch. We had fried chicken and cake for dessert. What a good preMother's Day!

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