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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Excitement with Ellyssa - 4th Grade Awards' Day

Today was the beginning of the end of 4th grade.  My incredibly nice friend kept AJ so we could go see the Awards Program in peace and quiet.  Everyone knows I love AJ, but anyone that knows AJ knows that he can't sit still and if he can't get down, he will let the world know with his lungs.  My mom took off work and came too.
Last time walking as a forth grader
Dr. Lindsey "Coach Lindsey", McBride Principal speaking
she received Good Citizenship and Math Whiz
Mrs. Hutcheson, her teacher, she loved her and said she's "so sweet and funny"
with Lexie
with Dr. Willingham, the Assistant Principal
Mr. Green, Lyssa's first male teacher, she came home the first day and said "he's so funny"
Proud Parents


  1. You must be a very proud momma!! I am following you now, if you have a sec, come and visit me at:

  2. My "Little Bit" is growing up so quickly, she is officially a 5th grader. Lyssa's is so intelligent and does everything she attempts so easily. She keeps getting taller, smarter and prettier by the day. I sure am proud to be PawPaw to Lyssa's and AJ. They put a smile on my face everyday.

  3. congrats on 4th grade graduation!

    just found you via the blog hop. Come visit our ALEXA HOP @

  4. New follower from blog hop! Kids grow up so fast. Bittersweet ;)
    Love for you to follow back when you get a chance!



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