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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4th Grade Goes to Gattman Park

As fourth grade is coming to a close, I began to think about fifth grade and the on coming of middle school.  I try so hard not to realize my daughter is growing up.  She's been going on 25 in her maturity level for years, but I would love to keep her ten forever, but the fact is I can't.  So, I will embrace the end of the year as a beginning to our summer together.
 Tomorrow is Award's Day and then fourth grade will be over, but yesterday was the last big fun of the school year.  Yep, it was that time of year again, time for the Splash Pad at Gattman Park.  Personally, I love this field trip and other than all the "check-outs," I'm sure the teachers like it too.  All the classes get to mingle and catch up and just let go, let go of the stress of the tests, the school hours, the school day, the studying, just everything.  It's a time that friends that are in other classes get to hang out and play together.  It's a time the parents get to hang out and talk and catch up, while watching the smiles and listening to the laughter at the end of another school year.

I walked outside yesterday morning and it was cold and sprinkling rain.  Oh was I not very thrilled that we would make it to the park.  I asked Lyssa if she needed to get her backpack since they may not go on the field trip and her response was so funny, "no, mom, we are going, they have no days to reschedule it."  "Yes ma'am, Mrs. Principal," was my response.  I dropped her off and told her I would be there about 9 o'clock after AJ and I had breakfast.  But I ended up not getting there until about 9:20 because I realized once again that I had the wrong car, you know, the one without the stroller and chairs.  So, I drove to my husband's work to switch cars.  I'm glad I did switch cars as having the chair for me to sit in was great, but the stroller really wasn't used after the first five minutes when Alex realized there was water there.  Oh, and for some reason I didn't bring my long lens only my short one, so when they weren't somewhat near me, I didn't even bother taking the picture.  We live and we learn, I guess.
AJ is always center of attention
trying to escape, but Lexie caught him
enjoying a Snickers Ice Cream Bar while drying off
playing on the playground with his ladies
Lexie being pushed in a baby swing
Baby AJ in the baby swing
he not only found Jessica's ball, but he tore it in half
my loves 
he spent most of the day in someone's arms
he loves the ladies
I think it was a serious conversation until Jessica poured a bottle of water on Lyssa's head
no idea
being chased by a group of girls, it's every guy's dream
 We left about 1:30 and Alex didn't even make it to the car, he passed out in my arms while I was walking to the car.  I laid him down when we got home and then had to wake him up around 5 pm so he could eat supper.  Then I realized he got some sun even though it was cloudy almost all day.  They had a great time and I had great time socializing and catching up.  Lyssa and I both have made some good friends this year.  Now, I am so ready for the summer with both of my babies.

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