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Friday, May 11, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Well, I had my fifteen minutes of fame, ok so it was more like fifteen seconds, but it still counts to me.  It all started when I saw Marie Waxell pull up to the school in the WAFF 48 News vehicle.  I saw her back hatch open, but never saw which way she went.  My first thought was she was doing a story on McBride's principal, Dr. Lindsey, or Coach Lindsey as I know him, and him becoming the new principal of the high school next year. Well, as everyone knows, I'm nosy and I just wanted to know.

She was headed back to her vehicle and my daughter asked if I really wanted to know, and I responded, "sure, are you going to go ask her?"  Off my daughter ran and I watched as she talked to her and then Marie grabbed her camera and headed towards me smiling.  Apparently, when she told her the story, she asked if I would talk on camera, and my outgoing daughter volunteered me saying, "sure, come on."

She was wanting opinions about the new bill to extend the summers for the children in favor of more tourism dollars.  I don't know how much more it would generate in all honesty, but eight week summers are just too short in my opinion.  I think it's hectic on employers to try to give all of their employees vacations in only eight weeks and then you have the children that miss days and even a whole week during the school year so their family can go on vacation.  But here is the news click.  Keep in mind I can only answer what is asked.

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