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Friday, April 13, 2012

Daddy Turns 28 and Mommy Has a Birthday Too

On Monday, Benji turned 28, which he thinks is just SO old. We don't do big birthdays for ourselves or our children. I know birthdays are special, but we view them a family things, not big spectacular events that are put on more for the adults than the children. I guess it has just always been that way in my family, I remember one or two skate center parties growing up, but no real imprints in my mind. I've raised my two children the same way. The first one I do for the adults, the smash cake and all, but after that it's more about small family get togethers. My husband and I don't do big birthdays either.

We started the day by going to AJ's speech evaluation. That went well and we received good news on his frustration level with not being able to communicate. We then met my husband's dad, his wife, and my husband's sister at Logan's for a birthday lunch. We had good conversations and a good time, I believe that's the most relaxed in all the years that I've know my father-in-law. I'm not sure if it's because a lot of my tension was relieved at the speech therapy appointment or if I'm just learning to relax in general. A few things have happened in the last few weeks that has me a lot more relaxed and calm about life in general and I'm so glad to have experienced a relaxing lunch with my in-laws.

We then went to Lyssa's softball game at 5:30. There are a lot of new rule changes that everyone is having to get use to, but I think as a team they did great. I was proud that our baby girl stole home plate when the pitcher through a wild pitch that the catcher didn't catch. It was a good game and we only lost by 1 run and it was because the time ran out, we didn't run out of innings. That night he received some chocolate and cupcakes.

I really enjoyed being only two years older than my husband, but that ended on Thursday morning. I woke up to turn 31, yes 31, and I don't like getting older each year. I never minded birthdays until the day I woke up and I was 25... My husband looked at me and informed me that I was "half way to 50." Now, each year I wait to listen to what my husband has to say.

My day didn't start off the best since I was now sick, but I had my husband home, so I wanted to spend time with him. We played some World of Warcraft together. Then after I picked Lyssa up from school, off to softball practice we went. I must say, I absolutely love watching my daughter play softball. So, I think watching her play on my birthday was a gift. After eating supper I got a phone call from a good friend that an ambulance had taken her mom to the ER and she needed me to come get her girls. Having three girls in my living room screaming, laughing, and dancing, and then my sweetheart little son watching their every move and trying to play along was priceless. Her mom is ok now.

We had great birthdays and have to mention that Bitsey turned 5 as well.

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