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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Excitement with Ellyssa - 3rd Grade Awards Day

The end of the school year and the beginning of summer.  Could't have been any prouder of baby girl on Award's Day.  Firstly, I do want to apologize for the white blob in a lot of the pictures.  No, we all know I can take pictures so I assure you it is not my finger, it was the lady in from of me.  She just couldn't sit still.
Walking into the gym
Dr. Lindsey speeking
Lyssa's class lined up and ready to walk
Baby girl walking
receiving her awards from Mrs. Mitchell
checking out her awards
with her teacher, Mrs. Newton
with her principal, Dr. Lindsey
Lyssa and her friend Madelyn
Good Citizenship
A Honor Roll
Math Bug Club
Spelling Bee Class Champion,
placed 6th in her grade

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gattman Park Field Trip

The last 3rd grade trip of the year was to Gattman park to enjoy the water.  Dad had to work, but Mom and brother were there to watch Sissy play.  We even got personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut for lunch. 

I was a little worried about going due to this trip being the day after field day, considering we all got sunburned at Field Day.  Much to my relief I walked right up to a nice bug shade tree.  I sat in a foldout chair and watched all the kids have fun.  Even the ones that I didn't even know put a smile on my face to see them laughing and giggling and cutting up, without a care in the world.  Jessica's mom Kristie came and we sat together and laughed and talked while they played.  It was one big carefree afternoon.

Sissy is taking Alex in to the water for the first time 
ok so he was a little scared of the sprinklers 
Mom, I'm going to try to take him in here 
I don't think he likes the cold water 
Sissy please don't take me back to the water 
playing in the shade 
Alex wants some of Kaylee's Popsicle 
Mom can I have a Popsicle like she has? 
Alex was a big hit with all the girls...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excitement with Ellyssa - McBride Field Day 2011

lined up and ready for the hula hoop... her class took 2nd
Sack race
Madelyn doing the sack race
Lyssa and Madelyn during a break 
me and my baby 
Lyssa running the 50 meter dash 
Dizzy Izzy... her class took 1st
trying to focus on where to run 
My men having a good time watching Sissy compete 
Lyssa did so well balancing this egg, she didn't drop it once 
her class took 3rd 
tug of war time (wearing her sunglasses because she's cool like that) 
her class won the first round 
sitting and waiting for round 2 

Unfortunately, it was a repeat of last year, her class lost the second round.  But we had a fun time and Daddy even got off work to come see her compete.  We ate lunch together in the shade.  It was a great day!