Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday with the LaDeans

Well, today was supposed to be a rather exciting game of being in a lot of places at one time.  First we were going to be at Lyssa's softball tournament which we had to be at the first game at 8:30 am for the game to start at 9:00 am.  Then, we were going to have to rush to Lowe's to build their project before rushing right back to the ball field for the second game which would start at 12:00 pm.  However, the rain moved in at about 4:00 am and changed everything.  No softball and with it pouring no Lowe's either.

But, the day would get better as it was time to go across the street to the LaDean's to eat some of Liz's famous lasagna.  And boy was it good.  Alex even ate some and seemed to really like it.  We had all of both families there and we all had a good time.  Of course what family gathering wouldn't be complete without an episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix?  Certainly not ours.  Well all had a good time, the girls played until we had to separate them to go to bed.  Mike passed out on the couch and Alex left around 8:15 to go to bed and Benji was passed out in my recliner by the time I got home with Lyssa.

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