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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started out a little bit rough as Lil Man didn't sleep last night and then decided not to sleep today.  I hadn't shopped for Valentines yet, of course why would I have made anything any easier on myself.  For those who know me you understand exactly what I mean.  Well, I decided to go eat lunch with my husband at work since I had to do the shopping at Wal-mart anyway.  I ran by my parents to see my Dad for a few minutes and of course ended up being late to meet my husband at noon.  My husband patiently waited on me to get to Subway inside Wal-Mart before he ordered his food. 
My men at Subway

We ate lunch and he had to go back to work at 1 o'clock, which I thought would give me enough time to grab a few things for Valentine's and then I could run them home and hide them and grab my camera just in time to make it Lyssa's school for her party at 2 o'clock.  Little did I know I would be in line for 35 minutes.  Needless to say there will be no pictures of Lyssa's school party since I barely made it to the school in time therefor my camera was sitting at home.  Alex, of course not sleeping the night before or taking a nap, decided to take a nice long nap that he wouldn't wake up from so he slept through the whole party.

I then had to load up the kiddos and run to the house to drop off the stuff I had gotten since I couldn't see out my passenger side due to balloons and then run back to Wal-Mart to get food to cook for supper.  I picked out the food and then headed home and somehow my husband pulled up right after I did with what he bought us for Valentine's.  Apparently, he knew which line to go to to check out since he had only gotten off work a few minutes before and had done the same thing I did, had to buy stuff last minute.  None the less, I think everyone liked their Valentine's Day presents.

   Lil Man's
Our collection of balloons
Next up it was time to cook supper.  Benji marinated the steaks while I washed and prepped the potatoes to go into the oven.  I then cooked the steaks and fixed every one's potatoes for them.
Benji's Dinner 
Our dessert since I couldn't find the heart shaped pan at Wal-mart that I had wanted to buy and bake a cake.

After Ellyssa went to bed and Alex was in bed, we finished the night watching oue of our new favorite shows, Harry's Law.  We had a great Tennery Valentine's Day.

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