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Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Fridays - Pizza and a Movie

Well, Monday is Valentine's Day and with a new baby and him sick, it's not looking like my husband and I will get to go out to eat for Valentine's.  I saw a commercial for a heart shaped pizza at Papa John's and just knew Lyssa would love it.  It also made me think of my parents and how they never get to go out or anything for birthdays or anniversary's.  So, I ordered them a heart shaped pizza and a cinnapie and with the help of the manager and a dear friend of mine, Janna, their surprise was delivered right after my mom got home from work.  They were very surprised and seemed very tickled.

Now, for my own house, I decided to surprise them too.  I didn't mention we were getting pizza, much less that it was heart shaped.  So, obviously Lyssa couldn't figure out why I got my camera out before I let her open the pizza box.
 However, once she opened it, her face was priceless.
and the cinnapie for dessert
can't order pizza without the bacon cheese bread

 While we ate our pizzas we watched the movie Easy A.
And Lyssa stole Daddy's recliner.

1 comment :

  1. Looks like more than Lyssa stole daddy's recliner...LOL Sure isn't room for daddy!!!
    Aunt Brenda


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