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Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Fridays - not so much

I had plans for us to play board games and of course end the night with watching Family Game Night on the Hub, but after a long and trying week and some bad news, it just didn't happen.  No matter what we do on our Family Fridays we always pile up on the couch and watch Family Game Night and shout at the TV, but my entire week has been off.

To start the week, I had my car towed to Huntsville to have my power steering pump replaced to the tune of $1,000.  They called to tell me that it was ready on Tuesday.  Of course Lyssa was home from school sick, so I was really wanting to pick up my car, but dreaded being in the car with a nine year old with an upset tummy.  Dad called and needed me to take him tot he doctor because he was having a hard time breathing.  I took him to the doctor and was having difficulty leaving him there in the exam room, but he said to go before the car place closed.  So I did and had only been gone about 20 minutes when Mom called to tell me that he was being hospitalized with double pneumonia and an infection on his foot, which isn't good considering he's diabetic. 

Well, I picked up and paid for my car and we ran by GiGi's because we had heard so much about it.  It was great, but I couldn't eat but three bites of my cupcake because it was huge and really sweet.  I wish I had pictures of them as they are so yummy looking, but I left my phone in the car and it was pouring down rain.  Then we went by Lone Star Steakhouse for supper and had the best steaks of our lives, so wishing they would get one here.  We ended the night at Sam's, I just love that place.

Wednesday my husband had a friend come over to put my cd player in since my radio stopped working and when Suzuki looked at it they said they would have to replace it for $1,800.  His friend, Tyron, checked it and said it worked just fine that they looked at the wrong fuse, but none the less I have a new cd player.  Well, we had to take my husband's car and drop it off at the shop that night since we had my car back and he could still drive my Dad's truck.  While driving his car to the shop he calls to inform me that my car doesn't have heat.  He picked me up from the shop and we rode home in the cold. 

The next morning I drove Lyssa to school and dropped the key for my husband's car off at the shop.  Wow you really can tell how cold it is when you don't have a heater.  Later that day I got a call that my car would be ready the next day, which was Friday, because he had to order a part.  This was ok just as long as it got fixed.  Well, coming home from work, the truck breaks down on Benji and I had to go get him.  So, down to one vehicle out of three. 

Friday finally came, first thing was to get Lyssa to school and get the truck towed, which I couldn't have done without my husband as our 5 month old couldn't be out in the freezing cold with no heater.  At 11:30 am I got the call that my husband's car was fixed, so we had to go trade cars, pick up his and leave mine. 

My day seemed to get worse and worse.  I feel like I'm on the outside of my body looking at myself, watching as things are going on, but in my mind not believing any of it.  First, Blue Cross Blue Shield kicked my Dad out of the hospital even though his doctor's both said he wasn't ready.  So Friday night he went home and someone went to his house and set up oxygen, now he's on oxygen 24 hours a day. 

In between finding out they were sending my Dad home and him getting home, I got news that I still find hard to believe.  A very good friend from my past passed away Thursday night in a car wreck.  I was very close to his sister, Jessica, and for a long time close to him, he was like a brother to everyone and one of those people who never had a bad day.  He was great to be around if your were having a bad day because your bad day wouldn't last long if he was around you.  He had an infectious laugh and smile and no enemies in the world.  We lost touch over the years and although his Mom and sister met my daughter he never had.  Three short weeks ago we reconnected on Facebook, and "Pickle" as he was called, hadn't changed at all.  I would have loved for my husband to have met him because I know they would have gotten along. 

I'm beating myself up for going so long without getting in touch with him, his sister, and their Mom after we were so close for so many years.  I would give anything for all of us to have remained close, as I'm sure he would have picked on my daughter and driven her crazy like he did me.  He was such a wonderful person and this will be a very hard funeral for all involved.  I have cried many tears, but still feel like at some point I'm going to wake up and realize he's not gone.  I have had to change the way I drive as I can no longer go down Avalon from Wilson Dam Rd to Woodward Ave as  can see his Dad's old house, a house I spent a lot of time hanging out at.  I seem to be able to drive from Woodward to Wilson Dam as the house is to my back and I can't really see it.  I pray for the healing to begin for his mom, sisters, dad, and wife.

As I sit here typing all I can do is think about his family and those closer to him than me and pray for them and hope they are doing as well as they can in this time.  I will miss you dearly Justin, you were a beam of sunlight on a stormy day and the rainbow when the rain was gone. 

RIP Justin Clement
March 25, 1980 - February 3, 2011

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