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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Family Fridays - Double the family

Well, after a rather long day at work for my husband and weeks of wanting his hair cut, we decided to go see Ms. Christy and get his hair cut.  I called and this first appointment I could get was 7 o'clock pm.  Since I can never be anywhere on time, I thought we needed to go ahead and go to Florence, even thought it was only 5.  I had just pulled up in the driveway and our friends from across the street, the LaDean's, were headed out to get something to eat and stopped at my car to talk.  I told them we were going to get something to eat at CiCi's because it's cheap and it's in Florence.  Mike, Mr. LaDean, said that's where he wanted to go, so that's where we all headed.

Of all times not to have my camera and of course this had to be one of those times.  We get to CiCi's and of course it was packed as it was a Friday night.  We got a booth for Me, Benji, Mike, Liz, and Alex sat at the end.  Lyssa and Megan sat at another table right across from us.  Mike, looks at Benji and says, 'Want to have an eating contest?"  Now, you have to know Mike to understand how small he is, but I think he can eat more than he weighs, which can really tick a woman off.  Benji said no as he was not feeling good, but I'm glad he did because he would have lost, big time. 

We arrived at about 5:30 and at 6:40 we decided we needed to head to Wal-mart for his haircut, Lyssa of course wanted to stay and ride home with Megan.  Liz joked that they would probably still be there when we finished with the haircut due to Mike continuing to eat.  She wasn't far off, I think she text me that they were leaving just as we were leaving from the haircut.

We went to Wal-Mart so Benji could see his most favorite woman, other than me, Christy.  Now, while most men sit in the chair and have the head sprayed with a water bottle, get their hair cut, and then leave, my husband is not your typical man.  He has to have a shampoo with his hair cut and I swear just a little longer at the shampoo bowl and he would be asleep.
None the less, I have to say his before and after pictures are quite different and he felt much better.
Once we got home, the LaDean's came over and we watched Family Game Night on the Hub, as that is our Friday night tradition and we seem to have made it their Friday night tradition as well.

After they went home and it was a little after 10 pm, we had everyone settled into bed and Benji and I ended a great night cuddling in bed watching The Golden Girls.

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