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Thursday, February 17, 2011

3rd grade Goes to the McWane Science Center

Originally the 3rd grade at McBride Elementary was scheduled to go to the McWane Science Center in January, but it was rescheduled due to snow.  I had really wanted to go, however on the date in January Lil Man was really sick, so I made a point to clear Lyssa's card from her digital camera and install new batteries.  However, this time around with the new date, not only did Lil Man and I get to go, but Benji go to go too.

All paperwork that had been sent home said when they first got there they were going into the IMAX theater and due to limited seating parents couldn't attend the movie.  So, we set out on our way to Birmingham and stopped for Breakfast at Cracker Barrel since there was no need to arrive early.  After breakfast it was on to the adventure of Birmingham traffic and finding where we needed to go.

Apparently on arrival to McWane all the teachers were given new schedule, which listed the IMAX as the last thing, so they went on into the Adventure Halls.  Upon our arrival I asked where McBride was and that's when I was informed, by a rude worker mind you, that I'm wrong and the IMAX was last.  Needless to say that didn't make my morning. 

With four levels to play and experiment I looked around and quickly realized all the "hot pink shirts" were not together, meaning they weren't with their classes,  so how was I going to find my baby girl who was expecting us?  I quickly found her teacher and she told me Lyssa was with Madyln and her Mom.  Within moments of being told, Amy, Madyln's mom, called me to find out where we were.  We went to the top floor to find them.
Half Faces
Can you Grab the dollar?
  Then, Lyssa looked at me and said they were "going to the air thing that makes your hair stand up, it's on the bottom floor," and off she went down the stairs.  Benji and I had to take the elevator because we had Alex in his stroller.  We went to the Lower Level first, since we had know idea what "makes your hair stand up."  Well, we didn't find anything involving air, however we did find the sharks so we stayed and played.
Benji "petting" the shark, after a lot of coaching I finally did.

 Then we tried the first floor or Main floor, still looking for Baby Girl.  No luck their either.

Benji seeing how strong he is
Wheelchair race 
  Alex waking up from a nap, covered in drool 
Benji's face and hands 
His Auburn symbol in Red.... 
Smoke Cloud 
Hurricane tunnel

Although we hadn't found Lyssa it was lunch time so we knew we could catch up with her in the lunch rooms.  However, there was no where to sit with all the 3rd graders in one lunch room, so we sat at the tables outside of the lunch room.  I didn't know we wouldn't even have one second to talk to her.  After finishing lunch, she left for IMAX, where we couldn't go, so we finished our lunch in the quiet and headed to play.
Spotted Sharks 

Then, we finally got to get Lyssa.  I checked her out from her teacher so that she wouldn't get back on the bus and we could stay and play.
Bed of Nails 
Fun with liquid Nitrogen 
Tug of War with Daddy 
Distortion room 
playing with lasers 
wheelchair racing 
Lyssa being Daddy at Mindball 
She finally "pet" the shark, then said "Ok, I did it, I'm not doing it again" 
Baby Alex 
Mommy and Alex 
Weather People 
Digging for dinosaur bones 
Champ at 40.5 Mph... 
Holding on for dear life at 78.9 Mph

After McWane, we had to visit our favorite place in Birmingham before heading home.
So, old fashioned and I love it 
they pour your ketchup too 
Lyssa's chili cheese fries 
Benji's monster Bacon cheeseburger 
Yummy yummy chocolate shake 
Their old timey uniforms

What a wonderful trip and now to head home.

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