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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two for Tuesdays - two sick boys

I wrote in my first blog of the year that I would have posts on Tuesdays called "Two for Tuesdays" and it would be about what my two children did that Tuesday.  Well, Ellyssa welcomed Christmas sick, and she and I both rang in the New Year sick.  It was only a matter of time before my husband got it.  My husband is not one for getting sick, but when he does, it's normally pretty bad.  And this time was no exception.  He got the scratchy throat late New Year's night and woke up with a cough the next morning.  He came home from work Sunday really not feeling well, and by bed time he couldn't breath.  My theory is he cough the throat and cough thing from us and while his immune system was weakened, he got the stuffiness from someone at work.  I came to this conclusion since no one here had any sinus problems and he said about six people from work Sunday were sick.  I did my best to care for him and myself, considering I'm still not fully over it, as well as spend time with Lyssa and care for Alex. 

To my horror, Alex woke himself up at 4 am coughing, once it finally stopped he began to scream.  I called his doctor this morning and they got him right in.  The good news was the RSV test was negative, however she could hear it in his lungs, so not what I wanted to hear.  However I have faith in their office, so I took my instructions and filled his three meds and came home.  Thinking about how hard it was going to be to care for a four month old and give him three medications on top of the one he already takes three times a day wouldn't be fun, I walked in the door and saw my very sick husband.  So, today's "Two for Tuesdays" is my two sick boys.

with their red fever faces 
mid sneeze 
coughing and fussing

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