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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Well, it's officially ten days into the new year and we had our first "snow day" which simply means Lyssa didn't have school.  Of course no one in their right mind would have wanted school to be in session considering we woke up to nine inches of snow on the ground.  Although my entire family has been sick, some of us since Christmas, I just couldn't stay inside considering I have never seen that much snow in my 29 years of life. 

I really wanted a picture of my entire family in this beautiful snow, so I asked a good friend and neighbor id she would mind getting out in the snow to snap a couple of pictures for me since my camera remote battery is dead.  She said she didn't mind and here we went out in this nine inches in hopes of a pretty picture.  Well, I got my picture and then my daughter and husband just couldn't behave for a few seconds, so the snow went flying.  Liz, my neighbor, just couldn't leave she was actually having a good time laughing at our goofy family.  And I couldn't be happier that she stayed.  I have wonderful memory filled pictures and I actually got to act like a goof instead of just holding a camera. 

What an absolutely wonderful Snow Day!

Our family 
score for Lyssa 
Daddy got her back 
no, I'm not throwing my son, I'm trying to protect him as they didn't wait for me to move, as soon as the family picture was snapped they started throwing 
And of course Lyssa runs behind me 
big snow ball 
Alex making his snow Angel 
Lyssa making her snow Angel 
Mommy and Alex, the only sane ones in the family 
he fell trying to get her 
she took advantage of his fall 
Bless her 
at least she was having fun 
me and my babies 
Tiger wants a snow ball 
Baby Alex watching and trying not to go to sleep 
building the snowman 
just hanging out watching in his Bumbo wrapped in a blanket 
this is what happened when she threw a snowball at me 
and she tried to again 
notice the large snowball at my feet, I was pretending to be making it for the snowman 
but no, I got it off the ground and scored a direct hit 
But he got me back, BIG TIME 
Lyssa tried to come to help me 
then Benji just wouldn't leave me alone 
I still got a couple shots in 
but he got me back 
we finally finished our snowman 
War Eagle from the House Divided to our Tigers in the National Championship!

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