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Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Fridays - getting out of the house

My entire family has been sick lately, some of us (Benji and Alex) for only a week and some of us (me and Lyssa) for 2 weeks.  All I wanted to do was get out of the house, to get away from the germs and the same four walls that I have felt trapped in while I have been sick.  SO, did we go somewhere exciting?  No, we simply went to Big Lots to walk around.  Sounds weird I know, but I'm not a "go to the mall to walk around" type of person, and we certainly don't go to Wal-mart to walk around since Benji works there.  As sick as he has been I think seeing the inside of Wal-mart would only make him sicker.  After Big Lots we went to Food World to grab some drinks, milk, and bread, again neither of us felt like the mass population that would be at Wal-mart. Then it was home again.

Now, we didn't get to play our games for family night as we didn't feel like it nor did we feel like sitting that close to each other.  However, we did keep to our family Friday night tradition and watched Family Game Night on the Hub.  It's a very cool family game show, in which two families compete for prizes and money.  All the classic board games that we grew up with are turned into huge interactive games, such as Sorry Sliders, Bop-It, and Operation.  It's always a great thing to watch and especially watching families work together.  I'm very happy I discovered the Hub channel and Family Game Night.

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