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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adventures with Alex - Breathing Treatments

About eight days ago I took Alex to see the doctor for a slight cough.  I know it was slight and normally I am not an over protective parent, but since my entire house had whatever this was, I wanted to catch it in Lil Man before it got too bad.  He weighted in at 14 pounds 7 ounces.  The doctor tested him for RSV, luckily that was negative.  She listened to his chest and heard some bronchitis.  When she looked at his ears she said his right ear was a little pink, but not red.  So, she gave a cough medicine, an antibiotic for his ear, and medicine for his wheezing.

Right after the snow hit and we were out in it, his temperature went up to 100.8.  I gave a dose of Tylenol and two hours later his temp had only dropped to 100.2, however that's not very high so I thought I would just ride it out.  Then things began to turn bad.  I watched him get sicker and sicker, his cough getting worse and worse.  So bad that he was only sleeping for a max of two hours at a time as he would wake himself up by coughing and then scream for another 30 minutes until I could get him back to sleep.  Of course the doctor's offices were probably closed due to the weather since everything else was closed.  And his doctor prefers ECM, so that would mean trying to drive across a bridge to get him to the ER. 

I waited until today for his re-check of his bronchitis.  He weighted in at 15 pounds even and hasn't been eating much.  His right ear was fine, but now his left ear had turned a little pink, a different antibiotic for that.  Now, about this 9 ounce weight gain, probably fluid.  After two chest x-rays, he now has to take breathing treatments four times a day.  Bless him, he just coughs and coughs, but he took his first breathing treatment like a man, or trooper I guess I should say.  Here's to hoping he gets better soon.

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