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Thursday, December 16, 2010

3rd grade Christmas Program

All I have heard since before Thanksgiving was about the Christmas program.  Of course most were complaints from Lyssa, but I still wanted to see what this program had in store for us as the parents.  One day she was upset because she couldn't try out for the part of the Grinch because it was a guys part, the next it was ok because she could try out for Theodore, the chipmunk, although he was a boy chipmunk.  Of course that changed to having to be a male as well.  So, she had her heart set on Mrs. Claus.  She said the music teacher told her that she was the loudest without a microphone, which she gets that honestly from me.  When she finally came home with her part she accept it and was ok with it.  She got the part of a dancing elf.  I would have to say it was a very cute program.  However, I really disliked it being in their gym, considering it's wall to wall bleachers, so absolutely no where for a stroller or anyone to stand.  They also had the best Boogie Woogie Santa that I have ever seen, he sure could get down.
She is in 2nd row from the top in the green elf hat that is not standing up in the air
my view of the program since there was nowhere for a stroller
Lyssa is standing in front of the music teacher in the red vest and green elf hat 
Santa checking his list 
throwing her hat to the ground to do her cartwheel across the floor

And of course this is where my camera battery died due to my lack of planning.  This happened in her fashion show and now in her program.  I'm sorry Lyssa, Mommy promises to do better in 2011.

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