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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and it was a white one

This Christmas we started a new tradition, staying home with the kiddos after they opened their presents.  That is something we never did when I was younger and I always disliked it.  As much as I love family and love seeing them, that's not my favorite thing to do after opening all my gifts.  Being told to put them up and get dressed so we could go see family was not very fun as a child.  I have come to the conclusion that visiting family on Christmas is for the adults and not the children.  Now this is not to say that I don't want to see family around Christmas, as that is perfectly fine and enjoyable sometimes, just not on Christmas morning.  This is a new tradition that we as a family decided we will carry on throughout the years.
before Santa came
after Santa visited
We awoke to a white Christmas and boy was it beautiful.  The Weather Channel said this hadn't happened in our area since 1969. 
After waking me at 3 am and being told she couldn't open presents yet, I got the stare down until 6 am.  We were then able to get Benji out of bed to open gifts.
in his Bumbo with his "Baby's First Christmas" shirt
watching Sissy open her stocking
wanting to know what he got
he wants to play
his "what did I get Momma?" face
couldn't be happier with his stocking
well, give it Sissy
Spy Gear from Santa
"wonder what all under that tree is for me?"
Alex's first laptop
and he likes
his favorite toy
Lyssa's pillow pet from Santa, a lady bug
Alex's pillow pet from Santa, a dolphin bigger than he is
more Spy Gear
the hot pink DSi, major points for Mom and Dad
Santa brought the real guitar
Huge Nerf gun aimed right at Daddy (he had the camera I was videoing)
Benji got me camera and photo stuff
I got him a remote control car, he's a kid and it's what he wanted
Lyssa got him a Santa Claus
and a cup of candy
Alex's pile
Lyssa's pile is scattered
our mess, can't even get out the door
Then it was time to enjoy the snow.
ready to go see the white stuff
my family
snow for the first time and only 4 months old
she hasn't forgotten her softball throw
Time to cook, and Mom came to eat.  I wish my Dad had been able to come over, but he is still in rehab building his strength, so I took him a plate the next day.
Benji carving our smoked ham
our cupcakes

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