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Friday, November 19, 2010

Huntsville's Botanical Gardens - Galaxy of Lights

This year I wanted to do something a little different than the "Wright's lights", so I had a bright idea of driving to Huntsville to see the Galaxy of Lights.  I had seen many commercials about it and Friday night was the first night, so it was a walking night AND the children got to see Santa.

Of course we didn't tell Lyssa where we were going, only told her we were driving all that way to eat at Checkers, one of our favorite places to eat. So she packed a pillow, blanket, and her DVD player. 

Benji and I were discussing where it was, him reading me directions, then I saw the lights, I said, "I wonder what this is, I guess I'll turn here."  Lyssa said "Wow!"  She thought I was lost and just going to turn around, but then she saw the guys with the "airport batons" directing me which way to go.  When I parked and turn the car off, she said "This is the best birthday ever!"
Lyssa and Santa
Alex and Santa
my babies with Santa
Here are some of the lights, nowhere near all of them.

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