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Monday, November 1, 2010


in their matching outfits (iPhone)
This year we had an extra Trick or Treater with us, that's right Alex dressed up.  Ellyssa went as Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place and Alex went as my little Pea Pod since I call him "Sweet Pea". 
This is them ready to go in our neighborhood (photo by Liz)
First, we went Trick or Treating in our neighborhood.  Benji was sick so he only made it a few blocks before he had to turn around and go home.  We went with our neighbor from across the street, Megan and her Mom and Dad and our newest neighbor, Jessie.  Once we finished with our neighborhood, Lil Man and I came in out of the cold and Lyssa went with Megan to a different neighborhood.  All in all we had a good Halloween.
This is them in the cold in the other neighborhood (photo by Liz)
This is my babies at Word Alive Church on Halloween night
Mommy and Sweet Pea
Daddy and Sweet Pea
This is the pumpkin Lyssa painted in Girl Scouts, she was trying to make a red dot and it ran, so she told me Ms. Pumpkin had a bloody nose.

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