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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Excitement with Ellyssa - Trojan cheerleading & end of season party

This year was a hectic year for cheerleading for Lyssa.  For beginners I wasn't coaching which was a big change, but with Lil Man on his way I knew I couldn't give the girls the time and attention that they needed and deserved. 

The season started of rocky and went down hill pretty quickly.  I was on bed rest at the beginning of the season and I couldn't even go to her practices.  The had one little game were they played each other in what I would call a scrimmage, but the Rec Center called it a jamboree game.  I was on bed rest, but I went to the game in the heat.  Yes, I know probably not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I've always been there for everything for her so I didn't want to start missing things now.

Then, while I was in my c-section, Lyssa was in P.E. at school and she broke her leg.  The coach told her she just twisted her ankle and sent her to class, no nurse, no ice, no phone call to anyone.  She went through having casts put on and cut off repeatedly, and they finally put a boot on her.  She continued to go to practice to learn the hand movements and cheers.  The boot finally came off and boy was she happy.

cheering at her first game after the boot came off
Their "end of season party" was at Mega Skate.  The party was moved to Sunday fro the original Saturday, so her Dad didn't get to come, so she was a little bummed but I think she still had fun.
enjoying a cupcake
receiving her trophy from Mrs. Shannon, her coach
All in all it was an okay year, but she's more excited now for basketball to start.

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