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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Tennery tree goes up

it's little but it's ours

Friday, November 26, 2010


For the first time since we have been together my husband had to work on Thanksgiving.  Normally he has either worked somewhere that was closed or somehow lucked up and Wal-mart has never scheduled him to work.  This year, he had to be at Wal-Mart.  I decided I would cook Thanksgiving this year at my parents.  Now you have to keep in mind that I learned to cook from my dad who learned to cook from his Dad, who cooked on the subs in the Navy during WWII, so I don't really know how to cook and have little or no leftovers.

The day didn't start out so well.  I had soaked my white beans overnight and drained the water off to be able to transport them to my parents in my smaller crock pot.  I thought they would be fine as I was only going about three miles.  I was wrong, the first turn that I made, I lost half of my beans in the floor board of my car, oh well at least I had plenty left since I was going to cook too many anyway.  Once at my parents, I cooked two pans of cornbread for my dressing, and then started baking my pecan pies. 

Once my pecan pies were almost done, I began to make my dressing.  Now, my family doesn't really follow recipes as much as we go by what it looks or tastes like.  I can make really good dressing, or so I'm told, however I'm not real good at knowing what it's supposed to look like as I don't eat dressing.  Of course I kept asking my Dad about the dressing what to add and when.  I then wasn't sure about the wetness after I added my chicken broth, so I proceeded to pick up the pan to take it to the living room to ask my Dad.  Now, I read on the bottom of this aluminium pan, "support the bottom when lifting," my initial thought was, "who cooks a big ham and doesn't hold it on the bottom?"  Well, apparently I don't.  The pan folded in the middle and I dumped my entire pan of dressing in the floor.  Now back to the beginning, I cooked two more pans of cornbread. 

I then cooked my ham and from then on everything began to go smoothly, until t was time to make giblet gravy and deviled eggs, I didn't have enough eggs due to me throwing them in the floor in my cornbread.  So, it finish our Thanksgiving meal, I had to wait for Benji to get off work so he could bring me some eggs.  I think we all had a great Thanksgiving and my husband realized his wife really can cook.
our pretty ham 
dressing (second attempt) 
ham that my husband carved, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes 
white beans
white creamed corn 
my famous cornbread, my Dad always told me that if you can't cook cornbread without it sticking then you can't cook 
2 of my famous pecan pies (I make them for my husband and he just gets a fork and eats them, no plate needed, this year it was my mom who did that with one)
Lil Man in his "Baby's 1st Thanksgiving" shirt

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lyssa turns 9!

Well, it's here, Lyssa's ninth birthday... and she just couldn't wait.  I remember being in such a hurry to grow up, and then everyday I want my childhood back.  I can't stop her from growing up and I live with that fact everyday.  My baby girl is not a baby anymore, but she will always be my baby. 

This year it was pretty hard to figure out what to get her since she is not into any of the 9 year old stuff like other 9 year olds.  She no longer likes Hannah Montana, or the Jonas Brothers, and luckily she never liked Justin Beiber.  However this left me wondering exactly what does she like...

We went to Wal-Mart to let her pick out her own cake, like we do every year.  I had only started turning the pages when Lyssa jumped and gasped all at one time.  I saw it too, it was Twilight... oh my and not only Twilight, but "Team Jacob."  Of course this was her cake... she didn't want to look at any other cakes.
opening her first present 
very confused look on her face due to the wipes case her present was in...
Sleep pants with cupcakes on them
Wii game Monopoly
Snuggie with Peace signs on it 
Now, as for my parents, they seem to know her better than I do... She is fascinated by the show NCIS and even more fascinated by the character Abby.

Mawmaw giving Lyssa her very own lab coat 
and the priceless face when she sees the shoes too
overcome with excitement
All in all she had a great 9th birthday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Huntsville's Botanical Gardens - Galaxy of Lights

This year I wanted to do something a little different than the "Wright's lights", so I had a bright idea of driving to Huntsville to see the Galaxy of Lights.  I had seen many commercials about it and Friday night was the first night, so it was a walking night AND the children got to see Santa.

Of course we didn't tell Lyssa where we were going, only told her we were driving all that way to eat at Checkers, one of our favorite places to eat. So she packed a pillow, blanket, and her DVD player. 

Benji and I were discussing where it was, him reading me directions, then I saw the lights, I said, "I wonder what this is, I guess I'll turn here."  Lyssa said "Wow!"  She thought I was lost and just going to turn around, but then she saw the guys with the "airport batons" directing me which way to go.  When I parked and turn the car off, she said "This is the best birthday ever!"
Lyssa and Santa
Alex and Santa
my babies with Santa
Here are some of the lights, nowhere near all of them.