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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pretty Plus Sale - October

Ok, so it was that time of year again, time for my Mom's sale, the Pretty Plus Sale.  It's a seasonal consignment sale for women size 14 & up, xl & up.  The last sale was help in April, when I was about three months pregnant.  As a shock to a lot of people we had a new addition to our PPS family.  That's right, Lil Man Alex made his appearance every day and every hour that I was there.  He got to meet so many different people, people that he will get to know more and more with each passing sale, keeping in mind he was only 6 weeks old.  Here are only some of the wonderful people he got to meet.
this is how he spent a lot of his time, in the arms of Mrs. Kristie 
and then of course strapped to my chest
and Sissy was always there when she wasn't in school 
yes, I guess you can tell by the look on my face I really didn't want to be in these pictures considering I was still in maternity clothes and only 6 weeks since my c-section (3rd) 
Mrs. Kristie and Lyssa 
Mrs. Risner, I can't call her Karen like others do because she is a teacher at Central High School, and you just don't call teachers by their first name, she is one of our consignors and workers 
Of course Mrs. Sheila, one of our long time consignors and workers 
this is the other Ms. Christy, she's a consignor and does my hair 
And Mrs. Beth, so much to say about her... this was the first time she got to meet Lil Man and he just loved her 
Mrs. Kristie trying on one of our formals

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